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Sometimes certain caster mobs (one out of a group of three) won't auto-attack you, even when you are in range of them. They still use skills, and will still follow you, but remain approximately in earshot range, behind you and slightly to the left, relative to the direction you were moving.

How to perform the unglitch

  • First, apply degeneration to one or more of the unglitched mobs, but not the glitched mob. Make sure the unglitched mobs are settled before you start
  • Next, make an agent in aggro range of the glitched mob disappear. Players most commonly use a Ghost in the Box but, dropping/picking up an item works as well.

Killing one of the other enemies in the glitched mob's group will also end the glitch.

other counters

Since the glitched mob runs behind and to the left of you, right wall blocking can be very effective. This is a common tactic for balling Skeletal Bonds in T2way FoW.

Once the other mobs of the group are balled, you can position yourself so that the glitched mob runs into the ball. This will work so long as none of the enemies are melee or touchers. This tactic is used in 3rd room Foundry and at the Fury ball.