UA trick

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1. Click your dead party member’s name in the party list so they are your target.

2. Press spacebar so you autorun towards them in a straight line.

3. While you are still autorunning, once their corpse is within UA range, cancel UA.

4. They will be teleported to the point which you started running from.

You can use this in a few ways that are particularly interesting. For example, you could resurrect someone towards the direction which you came from, then EE back to them. You could also resurrect a dead tank to the team so they can start the next pull while you are running back.

The UA teleport follows the same rules as a shadow step, so you can only teleport someone about one compass size using this trick. The UA trick also only works in a straight line with a clear path, because you need to autorun in a straight line for it to work in the first place.