Top Forge

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As a VoS

Run up to the top of Forge wielding a staff, making sure your HP is >90% so the Shadow Beasts do not cast Dark Pact on you. There are 4 groups of 2 Shadow Beasts that need to be popped, located on top of each of the 4 groups of Shadow Rangers. Once all the beasts are popped, ball them next to a Ranger group and spike, making sure to kill the beasts. Once the beasts are dead, continue to kill the rest of the rangers.

There are two ways to quickly pop all 4 beasts:

  • The fastest way to pop them is to Death's Charge to the far group of Shadow Rangers and balling the beasts on top of those rangers.
  • Another way to pop them is run into the corner near the middle of Top Forge, which pops the far beasts. Then, ball the beasts onto the rangers close to you.

<Insert top forge video>

As an Assassin

Report your VoS's for leeching