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SoS is a role in UWSC (UW Terraway). SoS's main job is to stay alive at dhuum and provide both damage and party support for the fight. Before that, SoS typically moves with the spiker through the lab doing Escort, until Vale, where they complete the quest.


Ritualist/Ranger SoS
Signet of Spirits Spirit Rift Ebon Escape Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Serpent's Quickness Quickening Zephyr Optional Pain Inverter
Channeling:12+1+3, Wilderness:10, Spawning:8


  • Winnowing adds extra damage at Dhuum and during Vale.
  • Ancestors' Rage adds extra damage throughout the run, particularly if your spiker is inexperienced and needs the help.

Variant Builds

If your spiker is a VoS dervish, you should have this bar:

Signet of Spirits Splinter Weapon Ebon Escape Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Serpent's Quickness Quickening Zephyr Winnowing Pain Inverter

If your spiker is a SS necro, you should have this bar:

Destructive Was Glaive Spirit Rift Ebon Escape Destruction Rupture Soul Edge of Extinction Ancestors' Rage Spirit Siphon


Ritualist Equipment


The Run

Pop all your pcons and cast a QZ (with Serpent) when the LT is near the stairs (around the first ball spot) and spike (use A-rage if you have it on the LT) then EE the LT and kill the skele (you can kill the 2nd skele aswell). For the second spike, cast honor before and use the rift on dryders, the spiker can spike the ball w/o your help. Usually, there will be a dryder left, just run next to him and cast PI (he will die in few seconds) and take Escort and Restore.

For escort, use Serpent and block the enemies (put spirits one step behind the LT). If you get rupted on SoS, just tell your Emo and stand until the LT is back, otherwise, EE the LT and start to spike (use rift on mindblades who are not in the ball). After, EE the LT and kill the skele from the basement (if he's not dead). Do the same thing at second escort spike.

In the vale, first, aggro the skeletons from the garden, try to ball them, then kill them. Usually when they are a ball, I just rush into them, use SoS (with serpent) and aggro the patrolling skele. When they're all dead, spike dryders (no need to spike graspings with the spiker). After that, take the Wrathful Spirits and go kill the top group with the LT. During Vale, switch to your zealous scythe and put honor to kill spirits. Don't forget to EE the LT for your life. For the Garden pull, put SoS before (use serpent) and aggro all of them (move backward) then spike them. When you have done all pulls, kill the lasts buggy spirits (use honor for safe soul) then do the basement keeper (no need explanations for it).


This is the most important part, at dhuum, you are the most important person. Switch to your dhuum set, your Spawning power headpiece and tell the Emo that you need a Balth spirit (if it's 7men rest, enjoy the energy rape). With full pcons and spawning headpiece, you can perma QZ. The fact is that casting QZ under the QZ costs around 33 energy. Add 13 for PI and 13 for honor and you'll see that your energy will probably be a problem. The thing is your QZ will stay alive during judgement (your winnowing aswell) so PI deals more damages and rest is a bit faster. Try to just cast QZ when it's about to die, honor when it's about to finish too and attack with your zealous spear. If you have a BS, switch to your 20/20 offhand for the last QZ (if dhuum glitch is perfect). If you don't have it, usually the 2 lasts QZ will make you switch to your high energy set (just switch for QZ then go back to your classic dhuum set). Don't cast any rifts on Dhuum, it will costs to much energy.


On the mindblades pull, you might get Ignorance while going for the block, preventing you from putting your spirits down. If so, don't go back, else you'll pull them back on the souls, instead, ping ignorance to your team so they know what's going on, and stay in place for your LT to ball properly.

While doing vale quest, do not put down Quickening Zephyr, your LT or Spiker will probably be carrying a 40/40 set, making QZ redundant, and hitting hard on their energy bars.

While spiking Dhuum, try to get your timer right: QZ will last exactly what it takes for Dhuum to cast judgement again. When he casts, PI him, then immediatly cast QZ again, this way you will never miss a wave.