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A fast and consistent way to lowman Rragars Menagerie within 10 minutes. (Age 8 / Age 9)

Basic Guide

Gater runs to the dungeon.

Use a Conset each level for safety

Level 1

  • Gater picks up a Keg and runs downhill to destroy the wall; the SB+VoS should at this point run to EE the Gater.
  • SB+VoS run to spike the Charr Warden then Rragar for the Dungeon Key.

Level 2

  • Team runs together then SB+VoS split to kill Rragar for Dungeon Key.

Level 3

  • Team runs with the Gater until the cracked wall; Gater pulls the Charr spawn away so the Team can run through.
  • SB+VoS spike Fleshreavers for the Boss Key whilst the Gater kills Rragar.

Video Guide



Assassin/Warrior A/W
Shroud of Distress Shadow Form Dwarven Stability Dash Great Dwarf Weapon Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Dark Prison Death's Charge
Shadow: 12+1+3, Tactics: 9, Daggers: 8+1, Crit: 5+1


  • Stay ahead of the Team so they can EE you.
  • Don't use SF needlessly or become interrupted while casting it.

VoS (Tank)

Dervish/Assassin D/A
Sand Shards Vow of Strength Mystic Regeneration Mirage Cloak Death's Charge Staggering Force Eremite's Attack Ebon Escape
Earth: 12+1+3, Mystic 11+2, Scythe: 6+1


  • Keep up your Mirage Cloak whilst tanking.
  • Cover your DC with Mirage so it isn't interrupted.
  • Don't take too long balling the Fleshreavers on level 3.


Monk/Ranger Mo/R
Serpent's Quickness Ebon Escape Spell Breaker Great Dwarf Weapon Protective Spirit Seed of Life Edge of Extinction Blessed Aura
Divine: 12+1+3, Beast: 12, Prot: 2+2, Wild: 2


  • Use your skill chain correctly; make sure EoE is in range.
  • Don't cast spells late/prematurely or gain aggro whilst the VoS is tanking.
  • Use Blessed Aura and Serpents Quickness before casting Spell Breaker especially.
  • Protective Spirit should be used on the VoS just as the first Fleashreavers die on level 3 spike.

Aria Moonshot - [モvェム] (talk)