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Guild Wars ranges are measured in in-game units. These units are often referred to as "gwinches" because they correspond to a real-world inch.

Initiating an attack or targeted skill from outside max range will make your character walk forward, closer than necessary to the target. This often results in taking aggro too early, so players are generally encouraged to make sure they're in cast range before activating skills.

Here is a list of important distances:

  • 144 Touch skills and melee auto-attack
  • 166 Adjacent
  • 240 Nearby for a handful of skills, including Aftershock, Dragon's Stomp, Earthquake, Flame Burst, Frozen Burst, Gust, Healing Ribbon, Incendiary Bonds, Liquid Flame, Phoenix, Rodgort's Invocation, Shatterstone, Stone Sheath, Winds of Disenchantment, and Whirlwind
  • 252 Nearby for most skills
  • 322 In the Area
  • 324 "Together as one!"
  • 360 HoS/Viper's range. Range is actually random between around 298 and 322 in open space, but can go up to 360 to cross terrain. If you cast on yourself or without a target, the direction is random but the range increases to up to around 800.
  • 700 Chain aggro
  • 1000 Earshot (for some skills)
  • 1004 Spear/shortbow range with level elevation
  • 1012 Earshot (for some skills) and Aggro range
  • 1248 Casting/wanding range (unaffected by elevation)
  • 1273 Recurve/hornbow range with level elevation
  • 1498 Longbow/flatbow range with level elevation
  • 2500 Passive spirit effect radius
  • 5000 Radar, Recall
  • Bond range is also 5000, but bonds can be maintained at a greater distance for up to 5 seconds. If the bonder and target are further than 5000 gwinches apart for more than 5 seconds, the bonds will end.