Ooze Pit

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Ooze Pit is a dungeon that is commonly run for an Chrysocola Staff, however the quest reward is 5k exp and easy to reach, so it is a good alternative to a Hammer of Kathandrax and can be used for Survivor title. Pug groups typically form nowhere, because no one does it :(.

Area Description

The quest Watch it Jiggle given by Seer Fiercereign is required to do Ooze Pit. He is standing just outside of Doomlore Shrine in Dalada Uplands. Start running to the dungeon from Longeye's Ledge.

Level 1

The SCteam runs to the first pressure plate and activates it. There is a boulder rolling around, so don't get squished. After the door opens, have your enchantments up, because a lot of Ooze spawn behind the door. Keep to the right and turn right before the next resurrection shrine (may activate it). In the next room, the group splits. The Keyboss Scteam goes left, activates a Pressure plate and then goes to Gloop and gets the key. Stand on top of the stairs, pull Gloop with a longbow up. Don't go in the corner room or incubi will spawn. Pick up Key. The EndbossSlayer will go to the right and straight to the dungeon lock. Wait for the Key and run to the Prismatic Ooze. Make sure you hit all 3 with your scythe attacks, doing even damage. Optionally pull them on the side before killing. A lot of mobs will spawn when and where they die, so it's easier to grab the chest if you make them spawn away from the center of the room.


  • If running solo, use the Dervish/Assassin build.
  • For duo, use Dervish/Assassin and Assassin/Necromancer.
  • With more people, split them evenly between end bosses as Dervish/Assassin and key boss as Assassin/Any with any damaging build.


Dervish/Assassin EndbossSlayer
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Dark Prison Heart of Shadow Grenth's Aura Dwarven Stability Dash Death's Charge
Wind Prayers: 12+1+3, Shadow Arts: 12

Derv build requires a full Conset, egg and corn.

  • Optional you can run reverse as A/D, for less sweets.
  • Optional: Use Shadow of Haste instead of Shroud for fast solo.
  • Optional: Use Ebon Escape instead of Shroud or Dark Prison if not going solo.


  • Windwalker's Insignas.
  • +1+3 wind prayers headpiece.
  • Staff of enchanting for running.
  • Vampiric Scythe of enchanting for killing the bosses.

Keyboss Sin

Assassin/Necromancer Keyboss Sins
Dwarven Stability Shadow Form Dash Death's Charge Barbs Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Shroud of Distress
Shadow Arts: 12+1+3, Curses: 12, Dagger Mastery: 3
  • Only one Sin is needed to kill Gloop, however more is obviously easier. You only need one copy of Honor and Barbs, and they don't have to be on the same player. Good optionals are Ebon Escape, Great Dwarf Weapon, Summon Naga Shaman, Arcane Echo EVAS, or any other damaging skill.
  • Use a legionnaire summoning stone if you have one.


Tips: Don't die and don't get lost.