Wh工ch [W回LF]

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| Foundation |

Wh工ch [W回LF] is a casual, international, FoWSC-oriented & DoASC-affliated guild, which is a part of The Speedclear Ally. This guild was created in September 2020, after [HzS] disbanded, and shares a slight affiliation with the old [wolf] guild. The guild's name originated from a long line of witty, simple guild names like "Mage is [SenT]" or "Who can [ToC]", and is named after the currently most-used phrase in FoWSC today: "which wolf?"

[W回LF] accepts all experienced and semi-experienced speedclear/dungeonSC players and is no longer recruiting completely new players.

Wh工ch [W回LF] Cape

[W回LF]'s attributes:


Obsidian Trim Cape

Full GH (Uncharted Isle)

Guild Discord (https://discord.gg/TRJhehv)

What [W回LF] offers:

An active roster

FoWSC T2way

FoWSC T3way

FoWSC T4way

FoWSC Lowman

FoWSC Rollway


FoWSC/DoASC guides on discord



Teach runs

Casual runs

Experienced runs

A drama/stress/toxic/judgment-free environment.

| Contact Info |

Leader (IGN):

Roger Buxington

Co-leaders (IGN):

Solo Mentality

Plant Based Beast

Officers (IGN):

Eladara Ranger

Badass A F

Staci S

Oscar El Maton

The Darkness Behind

Ms Deathshot