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The Slayers of The Creed [SOTC] Alliance

An Introduction

[SOTC] is a semi-casual Speed Clear guild & alliance. The guild consists of 90+ members and the alliance is formed of 10 allies. Our main focuses are FoWsc and UWSC, but we also consistently run dungeons such as SoOsc/BoGsc/KathSC/RragarSC/SlaverSC. We form and teach several different strats for these runs, as we are quite comfortable to play around with roles to suit individual preferences.

Our Story

[SOTC] was created on the 30th January 2019, and has been in a few different alliances included the TAS & SOTC Alliance, the SNR Alliance and the Poke alliance before we absorbed this in April 2021. We have held Luxon and Kurzick alliances, including holding Cavalon for the majority of 2019 while co-owning the TAS & SOTC Alliance. We have since retired from faction farming, but still hold a few million Kurzick faction. We were primarily focused on general PvE for our first year, then advanced to enjoying some casual Dungeon SC in 2020 and then progressed to Elite SC in 2021.


[SOTC] has always prided itself on the wholesome atmosphere that we have fostered in our time both owning and being a part of different alliances. We like to maintain those good vibes, and several of us have formed strong friendships and even met in real life and have some great pics to prove it! Therefore, while anyone can join the [SOTC] guild & alliance, we expect a certain level of respect towards our members here and have a set of basic rules you need to follow to stay in the alliance. The [SOTC] Alliance teaches every single SC we do. We have a dedicated team of teachers, so we have very little requirements in terms of experience, we only request that you have a strong desire to learn!

What We Offer

  • Obsidian Trim
  • Active Alliance
  • Elite Speedclears (FoWsc/UWSC/DeepSC/UrgozSC)
  • Dungeon Speedclears (SoOsc/BoGSC/KathSC/RragarSC/SlaverSC)
  • A Large Knowledge Base & Experienced Teachers
  • Stress-Free Teach Runs, Including 1-1 Teach.
  • A 401K when you advance to the Senior Leadership Team

Alliance Guilds

Descendents Of Balthazar [hero]

We Sc On A Budget Bc We Are [Poor]

Dibs On The Body [Dibs]

Are We [ReaL]

Pokemon Mt Silver [Poke]

Drinks And Blunts [DAB]

W E L T M I E S T E R [LaG]

United Noob Busters [uNb]

Contact Information

Guild Leader - Dayna The Slayer

Senior Leadership Team - Whirling Poof - Jorisk Fierceshot - Moac The Plowshare - E N V I S I O N - Pixelated Bondage - Smiles Aura - Roseline Moreau - Arcal Minuit - Graham The Dreamer - Daiyu Silverveil

Discord -