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== Videos ==
== Videos ==
A more recent guide:
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2879ypDvECg Run]
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2879ypDvECg Run]
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBQRnXoiVeo Dhuum]
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBQRnXoiVeo Dhuum]

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The Emo bonder is a role in UWSC. It is always done by an E/Mo, hence the name.


The Emo is essentially responsible for keeping the main team alive with bonds and Infuse.


Elementalist/Monk Emo
Spirit Bond Burning Speed Infuse Health Ether Renewal Ebon Escape Balthazar's Spirit Life Bond Protective Bond
Energy Storage: 12+1+3, Protection: 12, Healing: 3



When you enter UW follow this Skillorder:

- Protbond - Lifebond - Balth on LT

- Protbond on T2 (usually the guy waiting at right stairs)

- Ether Renewal - Balth and Prot yourself, Spiritbond (yourself) and Burning Speed to gain energy.

- Follow the main team once all Nightmares have been killed. There's no reason to run into their range and get rended.

- Fuse or spiritbond your teammates before they die. Don't be lazy, save rez scrolls :]


- When the SoS runs in to block, spiritbond and fuse them to not only keep them alive but also make the Mindblades ball.

- Also keep fusing the LT until you have a nice ball. Watch your own hp of course, spam Burning Speed in between to regen up. Stay out of the Mindblades' cast range to make sure you don't get rupted.

- In Vale, have the Spiker and SoS run first so you don't have to deal with eventually popping Nightmares. Hide behind the house until all Skeles are dead, keep your mates alive.

Wrathful Spirits

- For this quest you're supposed to tank the first group of Spirits and keep 1 "safesoul" alive until your LT is ready for Unwanted Guests.

Unwanted Guests (UWG)

- Take the quest once your LT is ready and for the first Keeper, stay close so you can fuse in case your LT drops too low.

- For the remaining Keepers, simply stay in bond range, don't aggro annoying stuff like Graspings and ping the Keepers for your LT if you don't aim to be lazy af.


- Here comes your time to shine. You're supposed to stuck Dhuum on a Summoning Stone such as a Devourer or Siege Turtle. See Elementalist Equipment. So, have Stones in your inventory when you join a run. Enter the Dhuum room, pop your Summon, Protbond it, Protbond and Balth your SoS, cast Ether and tell your team you're ready.

- If you also bring a correct Dhuum Armor, stucking Dhuum will be easy since your hp will be lower than those of your Stone. If you don't (please do), make sure you don't pop any Pcons that raise your hp to above 550. Just stand 2 steps behind your stone while facing your teammates. To avoid "unglitching" keep your Summon at full hp all the time, especially when Dhuum uses Judgement (-> fuse).

- Apart from the Stucking save rez scrolls by fusing people before they die. Also, Protbond all soft targets (Mesmers, Eles, Sins LoL) unless they tell you to drop it.


A more recent guide: