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Loa was once a well established teaching guild, but has since retired from this stance. While we no longer form teaching runs, many members still actively do DoASC.

One of Loa's biggest contributions to the speed clears community was writing the first fully detailed DoASC Guide, which later inspired and was adapted into this wiki. [1]

Loa uses their own tactics for guild runs, but generally adapt to whatever tactics the team expects players to use.


Some of Loa's achievements are:


  • Oo Ether (leader) [2]
  • Tilted Spiker
  • Ryn Is Azn
  • Dom So Lo
  • Rurik Elvenspeed
  • Espen H


Contact any of the officers about joining. Note that this may change in the future.


You are welcome to join our discord server. It has some limited functions for guests, such as detailed information about DoA equipment.

Required Equipment

All mesmers are required to have standard spiking armor (and a TK illusion piece) and a set of high health armor. You should have a 40/40 Domination set, a high energy set, a long/flatbow, and a demon shield. Make sure you have Res Scrolls and Summoning Stones, and enough cupcakes, corn, eggs, pie, war supplies, apples, and personal DP removal to last the whole run. Rank 5+ in all relevant Eye of the North titles is also required. For more information, see the guild discord.

Loa Tactics for DoA

The skill level and effort that people put into casuals can vary greatly. Because of this the tactics revolve around flexibility depending on the capabilities and willingness of each person in the team.


Tanks: Tanks of the guild on guild runs are encouraged to be capable of doing your job in almost every circumstance. Tanks should not be the point of failure in a run, even if other parts of the team are failing their job. The bars of the tanks are always up to preference but it is emphasized that tanks be consistent regardless of the bar they have. The amount of time saved from bringing one skill vs another as tank is almost zero, but the difference in consistency in being able to do your job based on the skills you bring can vary greatly.

Common things that tanks do are:

  • Popping full pcons
  • Popping pstones in situations that might result in a fail or otherwise near catastrophic event ( unexpected rupts at places like Jadoth, Ranger Underlord, Dervish Underlord, the Cave in Gloom, etc )
  • Equipping Infiltrator's sets in Gloom
  • Equipping a Vanguard set at Dervish Underlord (along with running a martial weapon with HSR/HCT, +armor, and a blunt shield )
  • Equipping Earth Shields in certain areas of Foundry
  • Popping 3-pops/summon stones on the last wave of 4th room Foundry
  • Changing the placement of a ball or the length of a pull depending on the circumstances of a run (right wall blocking titans in 3rd room, leaving off damage, moving mobs into eoe range, etc )

Mesmers: Mesmers of the guild on guild runs are expected to be aware of the general position of enemies in relation to the other members of the party. Being able to predict where an enemy's position will be, especially when waiting for a spike to happen, can prevent serious issues from happening during a run. Determining when it is appropriate to spike something depending on the availability of certain requirements (is EoE up? are all of the mobs settled? are the other mesmers going to spike near the same time? is the ball going to move suddenly due to change in other player positions?, etc). Mesmers are also expected to be able to know when to help other peoples objectives (helping TK hit off damage, changing who takes a snake, etc). Communication to some degree is expected, and being able to understand what the other mesmers do based on the amount of communication you have is expected.


The problem of having EoE on the monk is that the monk is required to 1) have eoe for both spikes, 2)be a recall target for the main tank on the inside ( he recalls out as soon as right side is done) 3)take jadoth right away. You cannot have all 3 at once, so you have to pick which one you are okay with not having. Since Loa wants to have eoe for both spikes and the quest to be taken right away, that means someone else needs to be the recall target for the main tank.

The solution for all of this is to:

  • Have the MT keep his recall up on the Emo from the transition of outside to inside City
  • Have the MT hos thru anywhere on the right side of the gate to inner city (monk putting EoE in a specific spot to HoS off of, one of the mesmers or monk being the HoS target themselves,or by popping a ghost/mini and HoSing off it by yourself)
  • Have the Monk put EoE in QZ on right side
  • Have the Monk put EoE in range of left side, while standing between where the mesmers spike left side, and the snake below him ( EoE also has to be out of spirit range of the right side EoE)
  • Have the Monk jump down to the snake after placing the 2nd EoE and taking the quest