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Personal Records

Domain of Anguish Records

1 man: 49 Minutes [TAS]

1 man: 54 Minutes [PURE]

2 man: 34 Minutes [TAS]

2 man: 37 Minutes [STANDARD]

3 man: 29 Minutes [TAS]

4 man: 28 Minutes [TAS]

4 man: 30 Minutes [STANDARD]

8 man: 14 Minutes [TAS] (w/ gate glitch)

8 man: 17 Minutes [TAS] (w/o gate glitch)

8 man: 17 Minutes [STANDARD]

Different behavior from mobs when spawning with certain weapons:


Ranger/Assassin Solo DoA Full Run
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Lightbringer Signet Way of Perfection Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Shadow:12, Expertise:12+1+3, Marksmanship:3

Ranger/Assassin Solo DoA Practice Bar
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Mental Block Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Shadow:12, Expertise:12+1+3, Marksmanship:3

This bar is mostly used to practice gloom if you are afraid of rupts/more whirl triggers when low on souls anywhere. Keep in mind you will have a harder time managing energy if you decide to keep recall up at times for damage reduction. Also you will take more damage in general due to not stacking enchants.

Ranger/Assassin Solo Doa Practice Bar 2
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Lightbringer Signet I Am Unstoppable Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Shadow:12, Expertise:12+1+3,Marksmanship:3

This bar is used if you want to have more of a closer bar to the full run bar. You are able to cover SF with an enchant in gloom as well as spam shroud on recharge while you have recall up. LB Sig also allows for an easier time compared to mental block in foundry 5th room and city due to no need to manage energy. Video for this provided soon.

Armor Sets

Standard Armor Set


  • 5x Blessed Runes
  • 1x +1+3 Expertise Headpiece
  • 1x Superior Vigor
  • 3x Vitae Runes

Vitae is better than superior runes, as you have Lightbringer Signet and never will have to worry about energy, even with Recall up.

Earth Armor Set


  • 5x Earthbound Runes
  • 1x +1+3 Expertise Headpiece
  • 1x Superior Vigor
  • 3x Vitae Runes

This is the same as your regular armor set, except blessed is replaced with Earthbound. This is to be used all of Foundry, as the Rage Titans will likely spike you for your health once fully enraged and using Shockwave, you want the extra Earth armor. (You can swap off this to your blessed set before Black Beast if you are afraid of him smacking you)

High HP Armor Set


  • 5x Survivor Runes
  • 4 Vitae Runes
  • 1x Superior Vigor

You use this strictly in Veil when you are tanking Stygian Hungers.

Places this can be used is

  • Wave 1,5 of 360
  • Ranger lord (if you aren't glitch spotting)
  • Right side clover patrol (if you aren't glitch spotting)
  • The Hunger patrol on the back end of Monk Lord Hill
  • IAU left side Tendril (2 hungers)
  • TK right side Tendril (4 hungers)


tR6cfy7.png Xjj2JFy.png l6KF26R.png El5aYa2.png JQEhat1.png 9SwRFpx.png L2JeuNn.png

Any +20 Energy staff with 20% HSR will do. You just want the energy and HSR. An envoy staff is NOT useful. If you get HCT on any of your spells in veil you throw your enchant timings off. HSR is more useful for when you swap to a staff to use Shroud.

A +5 Energy Spear and +45^e +10 demon shield is the BIS for this. +5 energy gives you more room for energy incase you can't cast LB Signet throughout the run. A spear is more useful than a sword/axe as you want to be able to auto attack melee mobs that have scattered away from you.

A spear with 10%HSR is useful in Foundry so you can get more enchants during the rooms with Titans, allowing for more damage reduction. Spear is used here as well for the reasons as before.

A q6 14-24 Flatbow INSC is the BIS bow for this. Vamp/Customized/15^e are used for dealing damage to souls or any caster you whirl throughout the run. However an insc q6 14-24 bow is EXTREMELY rare and took me a few weeks to get on my hands.

A q6 flatbow with 13-25 15^50 can be crafted by

You want to use a lowreq bow instead of a q9 + armor swapping as you have to auto attack souls A LOT during the run and its a lot easier to use a low req bow. Plus, with the Lightbringer title you almost always hit SF cap on casters when you bow them.

The new anniversary sword thats q9 Expertise allows you to hit 36s on caster tormentors + torturewebs/random single targets in foundry rooms (AFTER REAPPLYING LB). If you have the reapply lb hotkey I would recommend this.

The envoy staff helps to avoid rupts in gloom pretty much. Not recommended to use in veil

The +30 hp sword is used as a last resort ontop of your full hp set when needing it in veil. You have to be careful when you swap to this as you do not have 20% enchanting on it.

Useful Movement Macros

  • (7535, -11960) ranger lord glitch spot (on the side of necro trench)
  • (13098, -9817) monk lord trench glitch spot ( on left 360 hill)
  • (9906, -13057) mes trench glitch spot (on right 360 hill)
  • (8800, -8665) 360 Glitchspot by the NPC (very risky)
  • (6474, -17196) right side clover glitch spot
  • (-19019, 13188) 4th room 1st move macro, this is right outside the trigger point for the 4th room
  • (-19491, 12803) 4th room 2nd move macro, this is on the right wall if you were to face 5th room.

Using these two move macros right after the other will allow you to get a significant amount of souls into 4th room

Useful Custom Markers

  • (5375, 21) (4832, 360) Line to trigger Cave
  • (-11567, 11581) {2500} 1st foundry room trigger point
  • (-9828, -12179) {2500} 1st Su in City Spirit Range
  • (-17686, -2229) {1200} Black Beast Trigger Range (idk if this is right)

My Custom Agents

If you already have custom agents then you will have to manually rename the custom agent number in the file. These were made specifically for my solo doa runs but help tremendously for DoA in general. I also have mindblades/nightmares/skeles colored for UW as well.

add +4 to every agent ID if you want to fix this post april 2020 update

Duplicating Tormentors

For the near entirety of the run you will be duplicating Tormentors. Basically, you damage any tormentor so its below 50% health, and at some point it will cast Call to the Torment. It spawns a copy of the tormentor in its exact location. By duplicating many tormentors over the run, you are able to use this as whirling fuel to kill shit really fast.

Some general rules each tormentor follows when deciding whether or not to duplicate are:

1. They have to be in aggro/combat with something (yourself/stone/npc/etc). Note that aggro conditions include: having chain/corpse/part of a group aggro on anything that might not necessarily be in your own aggro range

2. They have to be under 50% (539 or less) hp

3. The tormentor does not have "CoT aggro" with any duping mobs. (CoT range is 750-850~ units away)(CoT range or "CoT aggro" acts similarly to aggro mechanics - except its with other tormentors. this means there is chain/corpse/part of a group aggro for CoT.)

4. If there is a tormentor within CoT range, the game checks if there are any tormentors casting within that second tormentors range, if yes: then the original one does not dupe. if no, then the original one dupes.

5. When a tormentor starts to decide whether or not to dupe, is currently unknown. Possible triggers are updating the tormentors position/updating the tormentors direction.

6. The tormentor with the lowest Agent ID is much more like to be the first one to duplicate.

7. The best known guess for how the game determines which tormentor to dupe is by going from lowest to highest agent ID.

Noting all of that, certain tormentors only duplicate in certain conditions.

Waters: they have to not be settled on anything

General Usage


The red circles on the picture are where souls spawwn, or where they break. The red lines are to show where the soul will go after it breaks aggro. Depending on where the soul was spawned, determines which direction it will run towards when broken.




There are 4 parts to Gloom. They are:

1. Cave

Cave consists of 3 "waves", each spawning 4 different groups of enemies. Knowing which groups spawn in each wave is crucial to completing a solo run.  

2. Rift

3. Deathbringer

4. Darkness


The Foundry rooms are just run and spike. You need to move in continuous, smooth lines to not break souls when going thru gates. Going thru room 2 and the room 4 gate is where your movement matters the most, as souls break here. Watch the video to see how to run into the rooms.

Take the quest [

Room 1

Wait for Margonites to ball, run in Whirl. Spike Titans on spawn

Room 2

Try to speed boost ball the Margonites together and whirl them with the Torturewebs. For the 2nd wave kill the Torturewebs if they are balled, otherwise right wall block the dreamies and whirl those first.

Room 3

Grab all the Titans and the Torturewebs and right wall block to whirl the titans and the glitched Dreamrider . Then kill the Torturewebs.

Room 4

Run to the furthest point of the room and dupe souls while doing the room . Try to right wall block dementias. On the 3rd wave try to kill the Despairs first as they take longer to settle. Last wave just ball and spike. While killing the waves, its very important to keep all glitched souls on the wall under 50% health, and to be in aggro of the glitched souls so they dupe.

Room 5



Whirl and move down the wall. You can get pretty intricate with how you do City, but its basically just whirling mobs 1 by 1.


In veil there are 4 different enemies that can rupt your skills (Shadow Form, Way of The Master, Way of Perfection, Shroud of Distress, Dwarven). They are:

1. Stygian Fiends

  They can rupt with Choking gas (every auto attack they hit rupts you), Concussion Shot ( dazes you too), Distracting Shot, or Savage Shot.

2. Spirit Tormentors

  Spirits can rupt with only Savage Shot. 

3. Sanity Tormentors

  Sanities can rupt with Disrupting throw (only rupts when you have a condition) or Stunning Strike (requires adrenaline and dazes). 

4. Ranger Lord

  The Stygian Underlord can rupt with Distracting Shot, and Savage Shot.

2 Man

2 Rangers

2 Rangers: Fastest possible team, but extremely hard to do without extensive knowledge and experience.

Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Lightbringer Signet Way of Perfection Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Lightbringer Signet Way of Perfection Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall

The main concept is that you use a large amount of souls to whirl foundry rooms and city, and to split in veil.

Ranger Mes

Ranger Mes Duo: City and Veil can be difficult without extensive knowledge and experience

Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Dark Escape Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Visions of Regret Wastrel's Demise You Move Like a Dwarf Ebon Escape Empathy Diversion Winnowing Edge of Extinction

The main concept is whirling foundry with souls, and then just balling and spiking city/veil.

Ranger Monk

1 Ranger 1 Monk: Safest team, but the slowest. The ranger needs experience and knowledge to do his job, but the monk is much more relaxed.

Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Life Bond Life Barrier Balthazar's Spirit Mending Ebon Escape Symbiosis Winnowing Edge of Extinction

The ranger does close to what a regular solo would do, except you have a monk bonder. Bonder allows the ranger to cast less enchants, and to have more energy. The monk can also be used to place spirits, take snakes, quests etc.

3 Man

literally just the solo bar x3

Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Lightbringer Signet Way of Perfection Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Lightbringer Signet Way of Perfection Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Lightbringer Signet Way of Perfection Way of the Master Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall

4 Man

Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Dark Escape Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
Spiteful Spirit Desecrate Enchantments Defile Enchantments Signet of Sorrow I Am Unstoppable You Move Like a Dwarf Necrosis Edge of Extinction
Arcane Echo Visions of Regret Unnatural Signet Shatter Delusions Mistrust Pain Inverter Empathy Recall
Ether Renewal Burning Speed Spirit Bond Infuse Health Ebon Escape Shield of Absorption Protective Bond Balthazar's Spirit

5 Man

Ranger/Assassin Ranger Tank
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Dark Escape Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Recall
SA:12, Expertise:12+1+3, Marksmanship:3
Necromancer/Ranger Necro Spike
Spiteful Spirit Desecrate Enchantments Defile Enchantments Mark of Pain I Am Unstoppable You Move Like a Dwarf Necrosis Edge of Extinction
Curses:12+1+3, Beast:11, Soul Reaping:6+3
Mesmer/Assassin VoRTK
Arcane Echo Visions of Regret Unnatural Signet Shatter Delusions Mistrust Pain Inverter Finish Him Recall
Domination Magic:12+1+3, Fast Casting:12+3
Mesmer/Monk MeMo
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Ebon Escape Shatter Delusions Mistrust Healing Seed Life Bond
Domination:12+1+3, Fast Cast:11+3, Heal:6, Prot:2
Elementalist/Monk EMo
Spirit Bond Burning Speed Infuse Health Ether Renewal Ebon Escape Life Bond Protective Bond Balthazar's Spirit
Energy Storage:12+1+3, Prot:12, Heal:3

This video is a pretty good idea of how the run is supposed to go. Couldve easily been a 35


  • memo quest runs for gloom
  • recall chain for rift
  • darkness pull to 1 dot by rift
  • safeway 2nd room / memo pops dreamy
  • necro pops 3 pop for 2nd snake
  • glitch spot black beast

Extra Notes

Starting Gloom is the simplest and safest for the tactics. If you start anywhere other than gloom, you will waste time getting the ranger to gloom for cave, and you have to clear the trench. Gloom is also able to fail because of the rupts the ranger might have to deal with.

These tactics will only work smoothly if you have an experienced ranger tank, a strong backline, and a proactive necro. The entire run can easily be done in 40~ minutes with no major mistakes. Loa has done plenty of runs 35~ minutes.


Basics: The VoRTK quest runs. Ranger balls stuff and we spike, while ranger uses aggro for whirling fuel. Gloom is expected to be around 6:30~ depends on how long it takes for transitions.

  • Cave

The simplest way to do cave is to just grab all the mobs from cave and ball it on the corner where the earths spawn. If you pull the mobs too far then they will break. Try to kill the minds, sanities and spirits that spawn during the quest, as they are the farthest away from the spot where you ball and they won't pull (also they rupt). Your skill rotation should always be shroud on recharge, HoSing before SF, and Dwarven after SF. You want to prevent strips if you ever have to tank earths, and you wait to be able to prevent rupts by HoSing before SF. If your shroud gets rupted, then wait to pstone until your next shroud gets rupted. After everything spawns, try to ball the mobs on the corner of the ravine towards rift. Whirl the ball then run to rift.

  • Rift

Make sure you have bonds + recall on the emo at this time. If you are rupted you are able to recall out and prevent a fail.

During rift, you want to grab the caster tormentor patrol that spawns to the East of the rift cap, as well as the other casters that spawn. You will need to use these casters and whirl Deathbringer with them. Be careful to NOT run ontop of the actual rift and trigger the fleshes. You want the team to trigger the fleshes, so that the earths are delayed from spawning and you won't have to aggro them.

  • Deathbringer

Wait for the group to settle and run in and whirl the spirit/heart/whatever runs out first, then whirl the main ball. It will be a slow kill as you will only have caster tormentors on you. You could leave a mob or two incase they are outhealing you, and have the team spike once you run away.

  • Darkness

Whirl on spawn. If needed, you can whirl the casters on you for EoE damage to kill the Earths that are still alive. To clear the chest, either spike the remaining casters on you, or pull them away and recall out to the team.

  • Cave

Trigger Cave. Spike Earths if emo decides to aggro them. Spike the ball the ranger makes.

  • Rift

Kill the claw and help cap rift.

  • Deathbringer

Trigger Deathbringer. Put EoE in range of Deathbringer, and once again for Darkness once in range.

  • Darkness

Put EoE in range. Spike Earths if needed once the ball is mostly dead. Clean up tormentors if needed.

  • Cave

You are the recall target for the ranger. Try to put the ranger as close to cave mobs once he glitches the first group. Spike Earths if needed and then spike the rangers main ball. Quest run while they are running towards rift.

  • Rift

Quest run.

  • Deathbringer

Either stuck the npc or follow him and avoid aggro thats in the way. Finish quest running

  • Darkness

Run to the team. Help spike if need be.

  • Cave

Stay with the Emo, keep him bonded. Seed him and spike any groups he aggros.

  • Rift

Kill claw and help cap.

  • Deathbringer

Trigger Deathbringer and wait for the ranger to whirl it.

  • Darkness

Spike Earths with the ranger. Help clean up leftover tormentors if needed.


Basically keep bonds on the ranger the whole time and stay in his range. Bonds are not required during cave, but are required for rift + deathbringer + darkness.

  • Cave

Tank earth groups to help the ranger out.

  • Rift

Bond the ranger before rift and stay in his range. Cap rift then run to deathbringer.

  • Deathbringer

Just stay far enough away from the tank incase he has to recall out due to a rupt or strip. You want to be sure aggro wont run towards you.

  • Darkness

idk just be the emo


You have to take the rooms slower, and more carefully. The tank has no DC so you have to give him room to run into every ball. The spikes themselves take longer, but as long as you wait for everything to be settled, and spike from cast range, it will go smoothly. Priority for spiking will always be the main ball first, then the off damage next. It is much quicker to have everyone focus on the main ball then all swap to off damage, then to just split at the start. You will pop a 3 pop for 4th room, and for the 2nd snake to ensure safety. Foundry should be around 10~ minutes.


  • Room 1

Have SF and Dark Escape up. Wait for the margonites to settle and run into the ball. Once everything is settled you can whirl. Try to stand next to the Titans and don't move. Usually they will swap to you and if you move then they will likely swap targets if they are being spiked.

  • Room 2

This will be done safe-way, so ball the 1st spawn if the team doesn't have aggro. Try to whirl ontop of the margonites first. The second spawn is just spiked right away, so stay away from dreamies and always have SF up. Try to bow the mobs.

  • Room 3

Have recall on the emo before hand if possible. Swap to an earth shield. Have Dark Escape up and aggro the Torturewebs and the other titans. Once the Torturewebs are spiked, right wall block titans on the rock towards the entrance. Having Dark Escape + Earth shield will allow you to tank the spike even without bonds. If the dreamy doesn't have aggro after the 1st wave is dead, then drag aggro to it and recall out.

  • Room 4

Pull the 1st group as normal with the Ki in the ball, try to whirl them once the team is spiking. Always be bowing the Ki for more damage. For the 2nd group, just right wall block them. Even if there is no EoE yet, the team should be able to spike it without anything running around if you blocked correctly. 3rd wave, run into the despairs with Dark Escape and a staff. Do not auto attack them to settle faster, you want to have Dark Escape up for the last wave. When everythings settled, pull them and be sure they are completely blocked, if theirs a titan that runs around, it can easily wipe the team. 4th wave, run into the group and try to speedboost ball the Ki ontop of the Tortureweb, or pull the Ki ontop of the tortureweb. Once you have the despair on you and you are in the ball, whirl and pop a 3 pop. Canthan Guards are the strongest as they will hold aggro and can quickly deal damage. After the main ball is dead then have the team spike the dreamy. Make sure everything is dead so you can kill your stone in 5th room if it hasn't died yet.

  • Room 5

Do NOT have recall up on the emo. The VoRTK will use recall for the last snake and you do not want to get mirrored. Make sure to not have prot bond. If you have prot bond, then the runds will likely build up adrenaline, and you can seriously spike the emos energy at the worst times. Start the pull with whirling up the whole time. The pull is the same as a normal tanks, except you will have to pull away 3rd snake aggro. Once you clear 3rd snake the team will take it and run towards black beast, during this you have to make sure the team will not run into any aggro you broke. Once blackbeast is dead, make sure you can see where fury spawns, and then pull the fury to the rock and right wall block + whirl anything that runs into you. The Ki's from Fury and the other Margonite groups will run into you to heal the aggro, kill those and then kill the Fury + Komalies. Recall the emo and go to City. The chest should be skipped, as there will be corpses everywhere, and it will be hard to ball the main ball and spike it, without a huge mess.


The necro is the most powerful spiker in Foundry, and should be spamming skills + ghosts as often as he can. How you perform dictates the speed of the rooms, as well as the safety of the team. The less damage you put out, the more damage the team takes, and the more energy they are using. You also have IAU and can still cast even when the rest of the team might be KD'd. Ymlad + Necrosis is capable of quick single target damage and shutdown(useful for Dreamies), and Signet is able to be spammed if mobs are dead near you.

After snakes are taken run to Black Beast, put EoE in range and then glitch spot the Beast in the left corner. He won't always glitch, but it will be a much easier if you just spike from the left anyways. After killing everything for Blackbeast try to reput eoe in range of the ranger and everything hes whirling.


General guideline: Spike as a normal VoR would, only focus off damage if you have the energy spare. You will take all 3 snakes and pop a 3 pop for the 2nd snake. For the 3rd snake, take it and instantly recall out.


General guideline: Use backfire on casters that are out of the ball. Keep lifebond on the tank/emo during 3/4/5th room. Seed emo when hes spam fusing (snakes/blackbeast/tanking aggro). You will pop a ghastly for 2nd room, and ping for snakes in 5th room.


Cover bonds on the mesmers for the rooms. The tank only needs balth/lifebond in 5th room.


6 Man

Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Dark Escape Shadow of Haste Recall
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Dark Escape You Move Like a Dwarf Recall
Air of Superiority Visions of Regret Unnatural Signet Overload Shatter Delusions Mistrust Ebon Escape Edge of Extinction
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Mistrust Pain Inverter Spiritual Pain Finish Him Recall
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Mistrust Ebon Escape Empathy Backfire Healing Seed
Ether Renewal Burning Speed Spirit Bond Infuse Health Ebon Escape Life Bond Protective Bond Balthazar's Spirit

tactics will be fleshed out later

fmaw stuff aids

Level 1

  • /age 1

Level 2

  • /age 2

Level 3

  • /age 3 for 10
  • /age 2 for 9

Level 4

  • /age 1

Level 5

  • /age 3