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A fun not-so-convoluted way to SC Bogroot Growths with an experienced team in 6-7 minutes.

Basic Guide

Requires Girrif's quest to function correctly, Tekk's quest will be significantly harder for the tank.

Use a BU for level 1 and a Conset for level 2.

Level 1

  • Tank jumps to 1st group without aggro from the team and calls Caltrops for a spike.
  • Tank then runs to level 2.

Level 2

  • Follow the Tank using EE to keep up. (Maintain IAU when running past Incubus enemies; pop a Summon Stone during Incubus and Ayahuasca groups to prevent slow hex and back aggro.)
  • Spike the Key-Boss when the Tank calls Caltrops.
  • Run to Khabuus then place all ranger spirits, ward and weapon spells. Tank will then jump to Khabuus and call Caltrops for a spike. (Muddy Terrain should be placed in range of Khabuus after the Tank shadow steps in)

Video Guide

[UPDATE] The team has been slightly tweaked since this video to run faster and more consistently; the strategy is exactly the same. [UPDATE]



Assassin/Warrior A/W
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress I Am Unstoppable Dwarven Stability Dash Death's Charge Unseen Fury Caltrops
Shadow: 12+1+3, Dag: 8+1, Crit: 5+1, Tac: 9


  • At Khabuus don't call for a spike with Caltrops too early, make sure all spirits are up.
  • Cover your Shadow Form/Caltrops with Unseen Fury when tanking. (Life Bond is needed for Khabuus)

EoE Paragon

Paragon/Ranger P/R
Serpent's Quickness I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape Incoming Fall Back Can't Touch This Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Edge of Extinction
Command: 9+1+3, Leadership: 9+3, Beast: 12, Wild: 3


  • Place Ebon Ward on the rangers when spiking, EoE is for Khabuus only.


Ranger/Monk R/Mo
Serpent's Quickness I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape Together as One Purge Signet Favorable Winds Winnowing Life Bond
Expertise: 12+1+3, Prot: 12, Wild: 2, Marks: 2


  • Perma TaO on the Team when running + spiking.
  • Use Purge Signet to remove Crippling Anguish.
  • Spirits are needed for Khabuus only.
  • Make sure you give the Tank Life Bond for Khabuus spike.

Muddy SoS

Ritualist/Ranger Rt/R
Serpent's Quickness I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape Splinter Weapon Great Dwarf Weapon Spirit Channeling Muddy Terrain Rupture Soul
Channeling: 12+1+3, Spawning: 12+1, Wilderness: 3


  • Keep giving the rangers Splinter + GdW on recharge or the spike will be slow.
  • Muddy Terrain should only be used for Khabuus, make sure the Tank has jumped to the boss first.
  • Kill Muddy Terrain with Rupture Soul to remove the slow effect once team has finished.

Barrage (x4)

Ranger/Any R/X
Serpent's Quickness I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape Barrage Penetrating Attack Sundering Attack Needling Shot I Am the Strongest
Expertise: 12+1+3, Marksmanship: 12+1, Wilderness: 3


  • Keep using Barrage until the main spike is done, off-damage single targets that get close with Pen/Sundering attack; Needling shot Khabuus if he's last alive.

Aria Moonshot - [モvェム] (talk)