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Lilith Korma  
Lilith Korma  
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Devoted Christians [DC] is a wonderful SC guild for every Believer in Christianity

It began when Reverend Moo received a task from God to find loyal believers in Guild Wars to praise our Lord and Saviour. He first found a guy who was so fat that he could not see his own pp. His name was Johannes.

After witnessing Johannes' struggles, Moo knew he had a duty to help him, so he made Johannes just skinny enough to see the end of his pp. In light of this miracle, Johannes found his faith.

Reverend Moo told Johannes to set up a safe haven where everyone who found their way to God was welcomed and so the guild Devoted Christians [DC] was founded.

The first miracle: Lilith Korma's Resurrection & The Ruler of Hell

Kids gather around and I will tell you the tale how Reverend Moo brought Lilith Korma back from the dead. Once upon a time a loyal Christian believer Lilith Korma was kidnapped from the evil ruler of hell. Johannes failed to protect him and Lilith was banished. He desperately tried praying to God for help and after many days, God listened. "Find the man who once found you", God said. Johannes knew immediately who he needed to speak to.

As a fat boy, but with his pp visible, he went on his journey to find Reverend Moo. During his quest, he performed many heroic actions such as rescuing a female trapped in the Game of Titties. After many years, he finally found Revered Moo deep inside the Holy Cave of Chrisianity. Johannes told Reverend Moo everything and begged him for help. Reverend Moo still recognized Johannes and asked him if he could still see his pp to determine if he was still a loyal christian.

They both journeyed through hell to the deepest depths and found Lilith Korma, chained inside a prison cell. The ruler of Hell stood guard and started to attack as Johannes and Reverend Moo approached. With all his might, Reverend Moo used his God-given power to shout the words "TG PD". As the words left his lips, the ruler of Hell was frozen, unable to move an inch.

With his hands clasped together, Reverend Moo moved towards the evil ruler and prayed to recharge his power. When he reached the demon, Reverend Moo whispered in its ear the phrase"KYS". As the words entered the demon's body, the body exploded into oblivion and the chains dissolved to free Lilith Korma. Recovering from the traumatic ordeal, Johannes and Lilith Korma slowly made their way our of Hell back to the safe haven.

And that kids is the tale of Reverend Moo. Now you know why we believe in God. Without God, Reverend Moo would not have beaten the Ruler of hell.

The second miracle: The Dark Age and the Rebellion against the Evil Rulers

Come here little Jimbo and listen to the next miracle of Reverend Moo. Given today's peaceful world, you wont believe that there was a time in our Kingdom full of hatred, toxicity and spamming known as the Dark Age. The only reason you can enjoy today's peace and harmony is because of Reverend Moo and his Followers, who courageously fought the Evil Might that once ruled over this Kingdom.

As you know the Kingdom is divided into 10 Houses, with one of them ruling over the other 9. During the Dark Age, a House named Boo was in power. The reign was tainted with flaming, telling people to kill themselves and an onslaught of spamming, and no one could enjoy the Federation of all Houses. Over time, Houses joined and left the Kingdom. As the dark days turned to dark years, the participating Houses, including Wolf, FpO, Aria, Zraw, Bomb and DC, realised that House Boo didn't really care about achieving peace in the Kingdom. The final straw was when they released a rule about maintaining a non-toxic environment, but in reality it was a false illusion to hold their position as the Dark rulers.

Johannes, still fat and with a small pp, came to the conclusion that nothing would change. He started to reached out to the other House leaders and even convinced Roger, the elusive and rarely online Wolf House leader, to fight against evil rules in House Boo and united the Houses under the God-blessed Kingdom of House DC. Their united plan got new supporters, but even when Johannes managed to convince Henri, Mr. "I can be leader of Bomb at anytime but I don't want it", they all knew it wouldn't be enough to defeat the Evil House Boo rulers. Johannes and the other leaders came to the conclusion that only one person could help them succeed in their plan of taking back the Kingdom. They need Reverend Moo.

One night Johannes, together with his followers, prayed to God to reach out to the almighty Reverend Moo for help.

God in heaven praises to you, your power and glory. Once more we need your might to save us from these dark times Oh God the mighty send us your earthly embodiment Reverend Moo to strike down the heretics and evil beings in our Kingdom. Amen

God heard them loud and clear and because of his love for his followers, he created a pillar of light over House DC which could only be seen by his loyal believers.

A few days passed and the situation got worse. DC and the other Houses suffered great losses from the tyranny of House Boo. When it felt like all hope was lost, the redeemer Reverend Moo arrived. He had seen the God's pillar of light and knew exactly what he needed to do. With Reverend Moo leading the charge, the Houses joined their strength and marched towards House Boo. When they arrived, Reverend Moo offered the evil rulers a final chance at redemption:

"Submit to god repent your sins and we will not destroy you with the might of god"

After a few moments of evil silence, a man stepped out and responded:

I am Xanny the Heretic and I have one thing to say to your God and his Followers: K Y S

As the final words left Xanny's lips, Reverend Moo erupted with a God-given war cry and screamed:


With the power of God and Reverend Moo, the fight was over in a flash. House Boo was decimated and peace returned to the Kingdom. Under the new ruler House DC, everyone could enjoy their life together and in peace. The reign continues to this day and allows us to enjoy our Kingdom.

Reverend Moo had once again fulfilled his task from God. Exhausted from the battle, he disappeared for 3 days. To this day, no one knows exactly if and when he will return, but Jimboo, the followers all believe that he is ready awaiting to perform his next miracle and deliver God's plan for us.

Never forget who gave us this peace. Till next time, little Jimboo.




The High Arrow


Pain like a Deaths

Lilith Korma

Requirement to join

Believe in God, our Saviour, and his son Jesus Christ