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SC builds

Casual 5 Mesmer DoA

7 Man 6-0 DoA

5 Man DoA


Getting started with Mesmer in DoA

Getting started with Tank in DoA

City EoE placement (Youtube)

TT trench pops (Youtube)

TT Gloom cave (Youtube)

Guide to salvaging 5'th room of foundry

Picking profession for beginners

Running uMod and Toolbox with GW Launcher (Imgur)



8 man: 15:33 Youtube GWSCR
8 man with gateglitch: 14:48 Youtube GWSCR
7 man: 18:56

Frostmaw's Burrows

1 man: 8 min Youtube GWSCR
2 man: 6 min Youtube GWSCR
3 man: 5 min Youtube GWSCR

Guild and alliance

If you are interested in my guild or alliance, please send me a message on discord (Cruz#4273) as I can't always respond to messages in game. You may need to join one of the servers to send a message (see below).


Speedclear Alliance discord

IT guild discord

GW speedrun discord

Vital Balloon