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Tendril Killer
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The Tendril Killer, abbreviated as TK, is a role in all common DoASC tactics. It is always done by a Me/A, and the build is generally the same across all tactics.


The TK gets its name from the fact that it's responsible for killing multiple tendrils. The TK also has several other jobs, including soloing the ele lord, and doing off damage throughout the run. Traditionally, many DoA guilds have trialed new members on TK, because the complexity and independence of the role make it easier to assess the spiker's ability.


Mesmer/Assassin TK
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Optional Mistrust Pain Inverter Finish Him Recall
FC:8+3 Dom:11+1+3 Ill:11+3


Wandering Eye is a powerful AoE damage skill with a fairly reliable trigger condition. Drop 4 points from Fast Casting; if you are popping corn and egg (no lunars), also drop a point from Domination Magic. Put all the spare points into Illusion Magic.

Arcane Mimicry allows you to have 2 copies of ESurge when needed, without having to waste attribute points from Fast Casting. However, it is quite complicated to use correctly.


  • Mesmer Equipment
  • one armor piece with a Rune of Superior Illusion Magic - you should have 305 health before cons and pcons


DoA Spiking Guide

General Skill usage

You want to do as much damage as possible in a short amount of time, so try to use Wandering Eye before Energy Surge to have Wandering Eye trigger the damage from both at the same time. Since you have Wandering Eye, you need to use Echo less often than other mesmers, but try to use it on important spikes or when there is a lot of off-damage. Both Wandering and Energy surge are good skills to Echo, depending on the enemies.


Your primary role throughout the run is to do off-damage, this means to kill everything that is not on the ball with the help of Edge of Extinction. First of all, you need to understand what it means to do off-damage in each spike and how much EoE will help you. For example on 6-0 the main ball is huge, anything below 90% will instantly die to eoe, but during 360 this is not the case, EoE will do a big chunk of damage but leave them at ~30/40 % health. As TK your job is to not to bring everything below 90%, it is to kill everything, and this means acting in different ways depending on the size of the main ball. Note that wandering eye or esurge are both enough to bring most foes below 90%. Unnatural is not, so typically you need PI + unnatural if you can't use anything else.

  • During 360 hit all the off-damage hard, only stop casting on them if the other spikers are terrible and off-damage is at 50% while main ball is still alive, in which case swap to main ball. Pro-tip: target and call the left fiend on 6th wave, use PI on it, and use your other spells on the other fiends.
  • During 6-0 all you want is to bring as many enemies as possible below 90%. Target and call a fiend in the right side, then target a fiend in the left side. Left side will run in earlier so you can use wandering eye on it, then use your called target to cast e-surge on the right side. That's all.
  • During all spikes where you are not sure what is going to be off-damage such as city or gloom, try to select something in the back or in the hardest part to target, then when the ball settles you can quickly evaluate if your decision was good and easily select a close, left or right target if it was not.


In Fifth Room Foundry, TK takes a snake, so make sure to take the quest at the beginning and after room 4. To take the snake simply Recall someone in the team, or even the snake itself if you are behind, equip a shield set, and take it when the team is past.


Do offdamage, focus Manks on the wall, do offdamage, don't miss offdamage, oh and do offdamage.


After 360 to Ranger lord, then down the trench and spike trench and clover.

Elementalist Lord Solo

Video guide:

Equip a longbow or flatbow, stand in point 1, move a bit along the wall towards point 2, attack the lord with your bow. While the lord is moving towards you swap back to your 40/40 set. As soon as the lord is in casting range, use PI, followed by all your damaging skills, with mistrust last. Do NOT use Mistrust until he used his Sandstorm. Use Finish Him when he’s below 50% and recall out after he dies.


If you fail at pulling the Lord and you pop extra mobs you can do one of multiple things. Choose one way and stick to it, trying to do multiple things will make you fail all of them.

  • Pop a stone so Sandstorm does more damage with Pain Inverter on the Lord, kill it and recall out before you die. Do this only if 1 or 2 things pops.
  • Walk backwards to pull the Lord out, then recall out. Do this if you have no stone or a lot of mobs spawn. Doing this results in the Lord staying where you broke him, but the mobs that popped end up running back to their initial point. If you do this, then you need to go back and kill the lord. Keep in mind this only works on your first attempt. As soon they are settled after you recalled out, they wont glitch back to their spawning point anymore when you bow the lord.
  • Cast Pain Inverter on the Lord and recall out while he's casting Sandstorm, then stand on the Emo. Doing this will correctly will guarantee the kill since Sandstorm will be created on the Emo and PI will trigger on two targets, but requires good reflexes for recalling out at the right time.

Killing Tendrils

After Ele Lord the TK goes and gets ready for Tendrils. Make sure you have recall on the emo and prot bond. Start on the Left aka Far side in 3-3 or Right aka Quest side in 6-0 between where the back two tendrils will spawn. Before the quest reward is taken, the TK must be in position and cast Arcane Echo. As the Tendrils appear cast on PI both of them, then use Energy Surge on one and Unnatural signet on the other. Try to kill the back one first to make the pull easier for your tank. Use "Finish Him" if needed. After both tendrils are dead, recall out to the emo and get ready to perform the off-damage. In 3-3 After spiking the first group go to the other side and do the same as before to kill two more tendrils.

To do off-damage in 6-0 target a Fiend on the right as soon as possible, then use Wandering Eye on a fiend on the left as those will come in earlier, then select your own target and use Energy Surge. If done properly, those two skills is all you need for a perfect clean 6-0 off-damage.

6-0 video guide:


In Gloom, after Cave is completed, use Recall on the Caller and stand at the entrance to Cave, and wait for the TT to put recall on you, then cancel your recall on the Caller and slingshot the TT forward.

Video Example: