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Junkies on a Mad [trip] is recruiting!

Who are we?

We are an old speedclear guild from ~2011 (freshly reformed with a few old+new members – 12 members@11.08.2017) without a high content focus.

Mostly we will end up doing Underworld or some of the other Speedclears (Uw/Doa/Fow/Deep/Urgoz/Dungeons), though we also like to play balanced, physway or other jazz that comes into our mind, vanquish areas or just hang around!

The Guild will stay on a familiar level and aim for good+fast runs and experienced and connected members, so we will notgo over 20-30 members maximum!

What do we expect from our Members?

  • An open-minded mentality that fits into our Family.
  • Activity! Most of us are Guild wars Junkies that are online very frequently, though that does not mean you have to be online the whole day or cannot go out for holidays. Most of us study or have jobs too.
  • The ability to communicate (English, Verbal Noises, Picasso map drawings). Open-minded means also being able to talk about other things than Guild Wars, maybe also about what is going on in the world, funky cat videos or the daily life.
  • We will not tolerate any right-wing mindset, people that think it is funny to draw swastikas on the map, racist behavior or general flaming (does not include fun flaming).
  • There will be Teachruns during the months, but on a high level because we aim for good runs. If you are not willed to train, it’s the wrong guild for you. We want you to do your best, not to be the best.
  • Besides a general Guildwars knowledge requirement, we require the ability to play most of the Speedclears and other content on a decent casual level. In Detail this means:
Underworld FoW DoA Dungeons Urgoz Deep
Atleast 2 Terras and 2 Mainteam Jobs on a decent level (t1=<10min, t2<12min, t3/4 <12min) Ranger or VoS on a decent level (duo fow subcon runs) Atleast Mesmer or 2 of the other roles on a decent level General Dungeon Knowledge with the Ability to play Sin and Ranger or Dervish on a decent level Basic Area Knowledge Basic Area Knowledge

Important: There can be exceptions if you focused on one of the areas in the past and do not know the others well or if you’re a bright minded player that is active, communicative and learns really fast!

What do we offer to our Members?

  • Many different kinds of guildwars activities on a high level.
  • Teachings in all areas of all speedclears and a huge knowledge foundation.
  • No matter if you are speedrun-junkie, dusty veteran or started guildwars just a while ago but are willed and able to learn, we are all the same –everyone that fits into the guild gets officer after 2 weeks of trial.
  • A big alliance that does any kind of speedclears.
  • Teamspeak3 and all that stuff.
  • The main reason why we started reforming [trip] is to avoid people with a right-wing mindset/racists, arrogant flamers, cold people you cannot talk a word with and people that think they are too cool to play with new people and have a little fun sometimes.

If you share this mindset, our goals and are up for some jazzy speedclears, upcoming speedruns and other fun activities, you are very welcome :)

Contact: Arya Von Barath, Whirling Rhonk, O Tempys O, Caristo Kaykuma