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About Us

HaxX is a french/international guild that is very multipurpose. We are experienced mostly in uw, dungeons, and fow.

We are not as many as it used to in guild but 90% are experienced in all jobs and 10% are learning.

We are a long time friend guild with people playing together for years and years

We are not record focused, but more friendly. Althought we have decent time in all areas, and we don't like spending hours in a run.

1 leader 14 offi 8 members + alts

Members are Much less experienced than officers.


We are not really recruiting, but you can pm any of those:

Jade Nightray

Pwned Scythz Ya

Pruneau F T W

Don't think of joining if you can't TS

Our typical day :

Dungeons and fow when we are bored

uw when we want to play

some people use other guild run to doa

afk rest of the time