Guardians Of Lost Tempel

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Cape of [Golt]

The german DoA Guild was formed in the early days of Guild Wars around 2007.

Golt ist known für their strict Disziplin und safe Taktik when it comes to casual runs. The guild invented several tactics from the beginning and always focuses on a solid playstyle and easy execution to guarantee perfect runs.

Golt doesnt usually do Teachruns in terms of teaching basic knowledge. As soon as you know about certain jobs our very experienced members are able to teach you alot about the ingame depths and why Golt sometimes sticks to more "simple" tactics.

Although there are mainly germans in the guild doesnt mean we wont invite any international players. As long you are cool with interrupting our german shittalk with your questions you will be fine.


Mainly Golt does DoA but also have many players who got experience in UWSC to run it from time to time

Some of Golts's achievements are:





  • Cant be asked to list every mission flo did


  • Karia De La Arcx


Currently every Member who is actively participating in DoA runs and successfully got through the trial period will get promoted to officer. This systems perk is to show how many active ppl there are and when it is possible to form runs.


Its no longer possible to join the guild

TS - PW: Stoned

Required Equipment

All mesmers are required to have standard spiking armor (and a TK illusion piece) and a set of high health armor. You should have a 40/40 Domination set, a high energy set, a long/flatbow, and a demon shield. Make sure you have Res Scrolls and Summoning Stones, and enough cupcakes, corn, eggs, pie, war supplies, apples, golden eggs (Lunars are still optional but recommended) and personal DP removal to last the whole run. Rank 5+ in all relevant Eye of the North titles is also required.