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About Us

FBGM is a highly experienced elite-area speedclear guild particularly oriented towards the Domain Of Anguish. We enjoy fast and smooth runs in all elite areas and we are proud of our casual times. We are mostly active in European and Eastern American times, and we are currently in the Golt alliance, which contains most of the strongest guilds in game.


FBGM's fastest time in DoA is 19 minutes, 6 minutes in FoW, and we hold several low party size dungeon records, as well as the Urgoz's Warren record together with Mage Is [SenT].

Domain of Anguish

DoA is an important activity of the guild. We form runs daily and our casual times range from 24 to 30 minutes. We use our own tactics which have been adopted by several other DoA guilds. We do not teach DoA from scratch but our members are encouraged to learn new roles. In order to apply to FBGM, you should be able at least to play mesmer spiker in DoA. Monk and/or emo knowledge is not required but recommended.

Fissure of Woe

We run FoW often for fun. We usually run t4way tactics that can easily achieve 8min runs while remaining safe, otherwise for weaker teams we run t3way. Casuals usually range from 7 to 11 minutes for t4way and 9-13minutes for t3way.


A few players in the guild prefer UW to pre-Searing. Our best time is 17min so far.


We do not often form 8man dungeons, but we have some players that enjoy running them for fun with any party size. We are quite into Dungeon records as it can be a nice change from the usual elite areas.


While the Deep is not a guild activity, Urgoz deserves a mention: we run sinway or skipway for both fun and Gakis. Times range from 6 to 12 minutes, and we can run with any party size, from 2 to 12 people. Please have experience using Ebon Escape.


TeamSpeak3 is required for any DoA run, and recommended for most runs.


General requirements are indicated under each elite area. Note that some could be lifted if additional knowledge about the other elite areas is shown. You may apply in our forums:


For any questions feel free to contact our leadership with a forum PM or in-game:

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