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Devoted Christians [DC] is a wonderful SC guild for every Believer in Christianity

It began when Reverend Moo received a task from God to find loyal believers in Guild Wars to praise our Lord and Saviour. He first found a guy who was so fat that he could not see his own pp. His name was Johannes.

After witnessing Johannes' struggles, Moo knew he had a duty to help him, so he made Johannes just skinny enough to see the end of his pp. In light of this miracle, Johannes found his faith.

Reverend Moo told Johannes to set up a safe haven where everyone who found their way to God was welcomed and so the guild Devoted Christians [DC] was founded.

The first miracle: Lilith Korma's Resurrection

Kids come sit around and I will tell you the tale about how Reverend Moo brought Lilith Korma back from the dead. Once upon a time a loyal Christian believer Lilith Korma was kidnapped from the evil ruler of hell. Johannes failed to protect one of his loyal disciples. He despritly tried praying to god for help and God listen to his prayers. God said "Find the man who once found you". Johannes knew immediatly what he had to do. Still fat but his pp visible he went on his

journy to find Reverend Moo. He did many heroic doings for example he rescued a girlfriend who got dragged into the Game of Titties. After many years of searching he finally found Revered Moo deep inside the Holy cave of

Chrisianity. Johannes told Reverend Moo everything what happend and the request he had for him. Reverend Moo still recognized Johannes and asked him if he still saw his pp. Befor both of them joined together to fight the ruler

of Hell Reverend Moo religion checked Johannes if he still was a loyal christian. As they reached the deepest part of hell they finally found Lilith Korma who was sitting chained in a prison cell. Befor the Cell the ruler of

Hell stood guard. As he saw Johannes and Revered Moo he immidiatly attacked both. Reverend Moo and his godgiven power spoke the words "TG PD". The moment those words left his lips the ruler stood still and couldnt move one inch.

Reverend Moo slowly moved towards the ruler making the T-pose and praid to god to give him power. As he reached the demon Reverend Moo wispered in his ear "your free real estate" after that he said the most powerful words he

could spoke knowing after that he had to rest for a 100 years. "KYS" where the words Johannes heared from Reverend Moo as the Ruler of hell exploded into oblivion. The chains dissolve the prison cell opend and Lilith Korma

stepped out. He was finally free. Johannes and Lilith Korma went back to the safe haven. And that kids is the tale of Reverend Moo and now you know why we believe in God. Without God Reverend Moo wouldnt able to beat the Ruler

of hell.

"Grandpa what happend to Reverend Moo" the kids asked. "He went his way out not knowing his next destination but be sure if you need help just pray to God and he will guide Reverend Moo towards you"




The High Arrow


Pain like a Deaths

Lilith Korma

Bim to the Bo

Requirement to join

Believe in God, our Saviour, and his son Jesus Christ