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Devoted Christians [DC] is a wonderful SC guild for every Believer in Christianity

It began when Reverend Moo received a task from God to find loyal believers in Guild Wars to praise our Lord and Saviour. He first found a guy who was so fat that he could not see his own pp. His name was Johannes.

After witnessing Johannes' struggles, Moo knew he had a duty to help him, so he made Johannes just skinny enough to see the end of his pp. In light of this miracle, Johannes found his faith.

Reverend Moo told Johannes to set up a safe haven where everyone who found their way to God was welcomed and so the guild Devoted Christians [DC] was founded.




The High Arrow


Pain like a Deaths

Lilith Korma - who has found already his way to God in heaven

Bim to the Bo

Requirement to join

Believe in God, our Saviour, and his son Jesus Christ