Ritualist Equipment

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Rits are used in UWSC as part of the vale team, and sometimes in the Deep and Bogroot Growths.


  • +1+3 Channeling Magic headpiece
  • +3 Spawning Power
  • Superior Vigor
  • 2x Rune of Attunement
  • Full Radiant Insignias
  • Spawning Power headpiece with Rune of Attunement (for Dhuum)


  • Insightful Channeling Staff of Mastery with "Hale and Hearty" inscription
  • Zealous Wintergreen Spear of Shelter for Dhuum
  • 40/40 Curses set for Frogroots


  • +10 vs Slashing +30HP for UW
  • +10 vs Lightning +30HP for Frogroots
  • +10 vs Demons for the Deep


Birthday Cupcakes, Candy Apples, Candy Corn, Golden Eggs, Pumpkin Pie


  • Norn for IaU and YMLaD
  • Vanguard for Ebon Escape and Honor
  • Deldrimor for Great Dwarf Weapon and Dwarven Stability
  • Asuran for Pain Inverter