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Mesmers in speedclears typically take the role of a spiker using Domination Magic as their primary attribute, but there are some notable exceptions such as LT and T4 in Underworld.

Armor Sets

Spiking Set

  • 5x Radiant Insignia
  • +1 Domination Magic headpiece
  • Rune of Superior Domination Magic
  • Rune of Superior Fast Casting
  • Rune of Superior Vigor
  • 2x Rune of Attunement

Normal armor.png

Mesmers often need to use different attributes while keeping the Domination headpiece (TK in DoA, Spiker in UW), so you want to have two additional pieces of armor, correspondent to the two pieces that have the Attunement Runes. For example, your headpiece is Domination, your chestpiece contains the +50hp rune, your Gloves contain +3 fast cast, then craft an additional leg piece and boots. Put an +3 Illusion Magic in one, and +3 Inspiration on the other. As a result, you will be able to have any combination of the superior runes (only dom+fc, dom+fc+ill, dom+fc+insp, or all 4).

High Health Set

Since the spiking armor set has almost no extra health and a lot of health penalty, you will gain great benefit from having a high HP set to swap to. Only use this when necessary to survive.

  • 5x Survivor Insignia
  • Rune of Superior Vigor
  • 4x Rune of Vitae


LT / Tanking Armor

  • 5x Blessed Insignia
  • Rune of Superior Fast Casting
  • Rune of Superior Vigor
  • 2x Rune of Vitae

LT requires three headpieces: +1+3 Inspiration for Lab, Escort and Vale pop, +1+3 Domination for the top group in Vale quest, +1+3 Illusion for UWG.

Dhuum Armor

Lastly, if you want to take your mesmer in UW, either as LT or Spiker, you should have a Dhuum set. Brawler's insignas on all pieces, any Superior (-75hp) rune on all pieces.

Area DoA UW Urgoz The Deep
Role caller TK IaU MLK T4 spiker LT
Radiant armor
sup Illusion piece [1]
sup Inspiration piece
Blessed armor
high health set
Dhuum armor

Weapon Sets

Mesmers use a lot of different weapons. Note that unless Zealous is required, all martial weapons should be Crippling, just in case you have YMLaD on your bar.

  • Customized 40/40 Domination set for spiking in DoA, Deep, Urgoz, FoW mesway.
  • (Crippling) Spear of Enchanting with "I have the Power!" and Domination Focus with "Master of my Domain" (+1/20%) for spiking in Underworld.
  • High Energy set (+15/-1 on wand and focus) for when you are low on energy and need to spike.
  • (Crippling) Longbow of Enchanting for pulling. Enchanting mod required for LT.
  • Staff of Enchanting for casting enchantments when low on energy. Especially useful for LT.
  • Zealous Scythe of Enchanting for LT during Vale split.
  • Defensive Set: (Crippling) Spear of Enchanting or +30 hp depending on role, with an appropriate shield (below).
  • Dhuum Set: Zealous Spear of Warding with "Don't Think Twice" and the fire shield.
Area DoA UW Urgoz The Deep
Role caller TK IaU MLK T4 spiker LT
40/40 dom
high energy set [2] [2] [2]
enchanting spear
zealous scythe
Dhuum spear

2. ^ UW T4, spiker, and LT can use a high energy focus, but should still use an enchanting spear rather than a wand.


  • +10 vs demons (such as Aegis of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh) for DoA
  • Devotion with +10 vs slashing for LT
  • Devotion with +10 vs fire for Basement keeper Spiker (UW) and Dhuum
  • Devotion with +10 vs earth for T4 (UW)
Area DoA UW Urgoz The Deep
Role caller TK IaU MLK T4 spiker LT
demon shield
slashing shield [3]
fire shield
earth shield

3. ^ Damage types in Urgoz are widely varied, but slashing is very common, and it's what you're likely to get hit with most if you're stuck in dredge or wolves.


With the exception of alcohol, which isn't used in any standard tactics, all pcons are useful for mesmers.

Required Recommended Optional
Cupcakes Pumpkin Pies Drake Kabobs
Candy Apples Lunar Fortunes Skalefin Soups
Candy Corns Powerstones/Dragon Seals Pahnai Salads
Golden Eggs
War Supplies
Res Scrolls
Pumpkin Cookies

Summoning Stones


  • Norn is very important in for "You Move Like a Dwarf!" and "Finish Him!"
  • Asuran is very important for Pain Inverter
  • Sunspear for Cry of Pain
  • Ebon Vanguard is somewhat important for Ebon Escape
  • Deldrimor is typically not used
Area DoA UW Urgoz The Deep
Role caller TK IaU MLK T4 spiker LT
Air of Superiority
Pain Inverter
Ebon Escape [4] [4]
"Finish Him!" [5] [6]
"I Am Unstoppable!"
"You Move Like a Dwarf!" [7]

4. ^ DoA caller and MLK do not use EE in Golt or 3-3 Tactics.

5. ^ DoA caller uses FH in French Tactics.

6. ^ Only one mesmer needs FH in skipway Urgoz.

7. ^ MLK uses YMLaD in 3-3 and French Tactics.