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The War Against [EviL]

The War Against EviL is a silver trimmed international SC/PvE Guild that's dedicated to Lowman-DungeonSC, FoWSC and UWSC.

About Us

Our primary aim is to have fast and enjoyable runs without any fails. We encourage each other to learn the hardest roles in a relaxed environment.

Although mostly European we accept people from all parts of the world so long as they are English speaking; a good attitude is more important to us than any WR you may have.


[EviL] Was created in February 2019 after my friend Robert (Boba Kush) got sick of me complaining about guilds and bet that I wouldn't create my own.

We started out as a JQ-PvP guild, we would organize with other guilds to make games; moving on to MQSC and eventually DungeonSC.

After being in multiple alliances and learning from experienced players we started to speed-clear areas of the game like Deep/Urgoz and UW/FoW.

The War Against [EviL] Cape


Lowman Dungeons

  • SoOSC
  • BogSC
  • RragarSC
  • KathSC
  • RavenSC
  • FmawSC
  • SlaverSC

Elite Areas

  • FoWSC
  • UWSC
  • DeepSC
  • UrgozSC


  • MQSC VoS-Way

Tactics Unique To Our Guild


Elite Areas


In 2019 [EviL] was the most active MQSC guild in the game, we would do consistent age 3/age 4 MQSC runs; holding Cavalon between 15-50 million with [EOD] alliance.

Join Requirements

If you want to join our Guild you need some basic speed-clear experience and a good attitude, we also encourage everyone to use Discord and a microphone.

People who are retards or toxic (energy thieves) will be booted as to not bring bad vibes to the guild. We can all take a joke here, so we would prefer to not recruit SJW's. (if you've been called one before you probably are)


Guild Leader: Aria Moonshot

Social Media




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