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The Stygian Veil, commonly known as "veil", or abbreviated to just "v", is one of the four sections of DoA. Most of the enemies here drop Stygian Gemstones, although some drop Torments. The environment effect is Demonic Miasma.


The area the party spawns when zoning into Veil is also where Jadoth spawns when completing City. This is a wide-open area with several Shadow patrols.

Dreadspawn Maw

Also known as "the vagina", the Dreadspawn Maw is a large landmark in the centre of Veil. 360 takes place around here, and this is also where the Smothering Tendrils spawn.


There are 5 hills to the south and east of the Dreadspawn Maw.

The south-west one, known as "ranger hill", contains a lot of Stygian mobs, including the ranger Underlord, and 2 Water Tormentors. The north-east one, known as "derv hill", also contains a lot of Stygian mobs, including the dervish Underlord, and many pop-up groups of Stygians and Torment Claws.

The three middle hills do not initially contain any enemies, but groups spawn on each hill during 360.

Pictures showing where the various Stygian Lords are


The Trench is a series of narrow passages leading all around Veil. It consists of the back trench, where all four Stygian Lords are found, and 5 smaller trenches radiating from the Dreadspawn Maw, one leading to each Lord, and one towards Gloom.

The 5 are known by the destination at the far end from the Maw, e.g. "monk trench" and "Gloom trench". Walking some distance down any of them will "pop the trench", causing a group of melee Stygians to spawn at each end of the trench and run to the far end, while 2 random Tormentors (always a Water, Soul, or Mind) spawn on the hills overlooking the trench.

The back trench stretches from the end of the Gloom trench all the way around to the Dreadspawn Maw, although the gate at the Maw is permanently closed. There are 11 groups, each consisting of Stygians and Tormentors, patrolling back and forth throughout the trench.

Quest Walkthrough






  • It takes 33s for the mobs from each hill during 360, to run to the NPC and settle.
  • The Dervish Underlord is already spawned in before the quest is taken or the gate opens, but the pop-up groups will only spawn when triggered by a player running up the hill once the door is open. The lord is also able to be triggered and will start patrolling if you start Gloom.
  • The Ranger Underlord is the opposite. The lord itself, the fiends, and the brutes/horrors only spawn once 360 is done and the gate is down. The hungers however, spawn right away.
  • Each of the 4 Lords spawn once in Compass range, and will move a small distance. The Elemental Lord will cast a skill and won't move at all. In NM the Ele Lord will not cast any skill and move right away. The tormentors around the Mesmer Lord spawn in the same spot everytime. The tormentors by the Monk and the Necro Lord will vary in position.