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Trench tank, abbreviated as TT, is a role in all dual tank DoASC tactics. It is mostly done by an assassin, although any profession can do the job effectively as /A; ranger trench tanks are fairly common, especially in speed tactics.


The TT often splits off from the team, doing pulls in all 4 areas without bonds. Because of this independence, and the complicated nature of some of the pulls, TT is generally considered to be the most advanced role in DoASC, often left to the most experienced player in the team.


Assassin/Warrior Trench Tank
I Am Unstoppable Shadow Form Optional Heart of Shadow Optional Shadow of Haste Shroud of Distress Recall
Shadow:12+1+3, Tactics:9, Dagger:9, CS:3

Optional 1

In this slot you need a cancel stance

  • Dark Escape for damage reduction at Derv Lord
  • Dash for more speed throughout the run

Optional 2

In this slot you typically want a targeted shadowstep

  • Death's Charge for an easy to use shadowstep and heal, makes city faster
  • Shadow Walk for two shadowsteps in one skill, makes monk lord faster


  • Assassin Equipment
  • Shield with +10 vs demons, typically Aegis of Argh.
  • (Optional) Infiltrator's Armor for Gloom Cave (Same as normal armor, but with Infiltrator's Insignas instead of Blessed).


As a tank, you are not required to use any pcons, but they will make your job a lot easier. You are doing DoA, there is no reason to be cheap.

  • Always: Apple, Corn, War supplies. They help. A lot.
  • Recommended: Egg, Pie
  • Use a cupcake while the team is spiking the last City ball, or as soon as you zone in if it's a Veil start. Try not to die before Derv, as you need the Cupcake there and you don't want to use it late.
  • Always have PStones if you get rupted in Cave
  • Always bring G-Stones just in case, and throwaway stones to hos up in gloom



First few rooms are easy, for the first room learn the difference between cast and aggro range and DC to the closest non-spirit enemy, then afk or dagger for a few minutes. If you don't know how to ball in room 3 just ask. In room 4 remember that Dryders have longbow range but don't break with a speedboost, the Ki has cast range but breaks, so end the pull with a burst of speedboost, let it break, then walk sideways back into cast range.

For room 5 just watch this video, 6-2 tactics are exactly the same except you can ignore the first minute and run straight to Captain. The SoH spot at Fury is spawn dependent, you'll learn that with experience, remember that you can move (sideways or Ki's will break) after you stance out to fix your position.


In City try to use IaU under QZ. When possible, use SF and Shroud while waiting for enemies to catch up. Don't catch bad aggro.

After the spike cast Recall on the Emo, then cast SF and Shroud and dagger the wall. Keep refreshing SF and Shroud on recharge by swapping to your high energy set. Don't drop SF or you'll get weakened and do no damage :)


Right when that last video ended is when you use your Cupcake, then go to Veil with the MLK.

Pull the first wave and recall to MLK into glitch spot. Use Recall before pulling if you want to be safe.

For the rest of 360, your job is to pull middle and right hill. Use SoH when aggroing waves 3 and 5 so you can stance out to waves 4 and 6.

For Derv and Monk look at the following video. Just a few notes, Derv lord pull is all about not getting hit. Don't use shroud, since the blocking will kill you and the damage reduction starts being relevant when shadow form is about to end anyway. Try to move in smooth curves, don't dodge fiend attacks, don't HoS off the lord into the things following you, but rather make a smooth arc like at 0:24 in the video so you'll keep your distance to everything following you.

After Monk you either go backway or pop gloom trench, depending on both the tactics and how fast you and main team killed your lords.

  • To go backway simply use SoH near the group, Shadow form, aggro, pull sideways, HoS whenever, stance out once you're sure you'll break them or when you're about to die. Repeat two times, once for each group.
  • To pop gloom trench run there, aggro back pop, use IaU and HoS off a back target through the front patrol, keep running and recall to MLK into glitch spot. Stance out when he's done killing.

You also may have time to glitch the back patrol like in the video below. Feel free to run forward the whole time even if Tormentors break, and note that you can use SoH or Recall as your long shadowstep.


Take quest, HoS up the cliff and go to cave. Videos below.

After that you just questrun. Make sure to watch the video below if you run FBGM Tactics.

That's it! Remember to go back and pick up your chests :)


The name "trench tank" comes from before the Necrotic Traversal nerf, when the TT would teleport down into the trench and pull all of the lords into spiking range of the hills, so the rest of the team didn't have to go down any trenches. After pulling the lords, the TT would teleport into gloom and ball all of cave before the team even arrived!