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General Idea

The goal of UW Terraway is to split to complete multiple quests at the same time and complete the Underworld in the fastest time possible for a casual run. T1 does Wastes, T2 does Mountains and Pools, T3 and T4 work together to do Pits and Plains. Main team is composed of a tank (LT), an Emo bonder, a main Spiker (UW) and the SoS, whose role is mostly utility and speed up Dhuum. The main team works together to Clear the Chamber, go Vale while doing Escort, do the first part of Wrathful Spirits and they split, Emo and LT go back to the Labyrinth to do UWG, while Spiker and SoS complete the Vale quest. Once everything is done, the team teleports to Waste and enter the Dhuum chamber, where everyone except for the Emo and SoS dies to spamm Dhuum's Rest.

Terraway can complete the Underworld in as little as 14 minutes, but requires experience, as a single mistake during most quests can get the party kicked out of UW.

Roles and Guides

Please refer to each article for builds, equipment and walkthrough.

Everyone should also look at the Dhuum Guide