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T4 is a role in UWSC (Terraway). It is typically done by E/Me, but some prefer Me/E. Although slower, is also possible to do the job as a R/A.


The T4's job comes in two parts:

Because the T4's entire job is done together with the T3, they are together known as "duos".

At Dhuum, the T4 dies and returns as a ghost to fill Dhuum's Rest and kill Dhuum.


Elementalist/Mesmer T4
Wastrel's Demise Wastrel's Worry Ebon Escape Obsidian Flesh Stoneflesh Aura Sliver Armor Stone Striker Mantra of Earth
Earth:12+1+3, Domination:12, EStorage:2+1, Insp:2


Sliver armor can be replaced on a Mesmer Mesmer primary for:


Elementalist Equipment


  • Caster staff (+5 energy, +5wE, 20% enchant)
  • 30/30 Caster set (Spear with "Let the Memory Live Again" Inscription, 20% Ench and an Earth Magic focus with 20/20 mods)
  • Defensive set: Spear of enchanting and Shield +10 armor Vs Earth damage and a +45 health mod)


  • Candy Apples, Birthday Cupcakes, Golden Eggs, Candy Corn, Slices of Pumpkin Pie, War Supplies and Powerstones.
  • You NEED to have a Powerstone with you every time you do this because when the mindblades are on you, you have a chance to get rupted. Also if you don't cast Obsidian Flesh fast enough you can get sigged.
  • Rainbows are optional ofc but if you really want to push it and get crippled these are good to have.
  • Lunars: Not really needed on Ele, but if you plan on going Mesmer T4 these are necessary.

Dhuum Equipment


Remember to switch to your staff when EEing, Defensive set when in the safespot or taking damage otherwise, caster set when you are using Sliver.


This should be simple, Wastrel the nightmares during first spike and only use 1 wastrel on 1 nightmare, if there are no nightmares focus on the main ball.

I'll not write that many things about running through mnts, you'll see videos with all spots to HoS, just EE right after the T3 used HoS on you)


There are exactly 5 different bottom group spawns(4-1 Threshers + 3-1 Collectors) you can get and regardless of the spawn there will always be at least 3 foes you have to kill and the most enemies you can have in 1 spawn is 4. If the spawn only has threshers in it all you have to do is use your wastrels to get them down. When you have 1 Collector in the spawn you can just Wastrel him with the Threshers be careful not to get too close though, this will make the Collector go out of the ball and it's just going to be a big clusterfuck with all the bone horrors he can make from the threshers. If you get lucky and get 3 Collectors you can just get the derp one next to a wall and bring the other 2 next to him and Wastrel them down. When you have killed the bottom group sidewalk to the top, aggro the group next to the 2 Chained Soul spawn and go to the usual spot to kill all the Collectors. Try to not to move too slow because the Collectors might get past you or get you stuck. Please don't use your Sliver on the big ball of Collectors, but if you only have 4-5 Collectors or one of them breaks outside the ball you have the permission to use Sliver here. If you get unlucky and one of them breaks you might have enough aggro to just cast Sliver and stand next to it and kill him while he's casting Animate Bone Horror. After the Collectors are dead you pull up the Threshers that spawn next to the 2 Chained souls and Sliver/Wastrel them down. After those are dead you have 2 options: pull the Terrorwebs on top of the big ball of Threshers you have or Sliver the Terrrorwebs while Wastreling the Threshers. Either way is ok, I find the 2nd one faster if you get lucky at Sliver recharge or if you're bad at pulling them. After the Reaper is popped be ready for the quest and EE down when the T3 breaks his SoH.

Pits Quest

If you get any skeles in the quest, I suggest you go to the safespot to make it easier, just make sure that you have the 2 Threshers from the hill aggroed so you won't run out of energy. In the safespot pick your targets carefully and if only 1 Terrorweb is within Wastrel range of the skeles only target that one. When you get out of the safespot be aware of the bridge skele since he can and will kill you if you're not careful. For the last spawn there are again, 2 ways to kill it. I just see if they're all within Wastrel range, I don't even bother to use sliver but if they're not, I'm going to Sliver 1 down and Wastrel the 2 others. After the last spawn is dead EE down to the T3 who should already be waiting for you and make your way to Plains.


Please don't run around like a headless chicken when killing the Pitside Skele. Just relax, cast your enchantments and SIDEWALK next to the Skele. Wastrel the wailings and not the skele. Now your T3 wants you to pop mindblades for the glitch, you got 2 options : Sliver the rider with wailings (wastrells them too) then kill the dryder ball after. Pull one (or 2) dryders on rider and wastrel them, keep wailings for lasts dryders.


Now you just pull the bosses and kill them, if the patrol is coming make sure to aggro them cast a few set of wastrels before trying to cast Obby Flesh.