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T2 is a role in UWSC (Terraway). The T2's job is to clear the areas of Twin Serpent Mountains, and Spawning Pools, and to do the quests in each area.


Ranger/Assassin T2
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Radiation Field Viper's Defense Death's Charge Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Winnowing
Expertise 12, Shadow 12, Marks 2, Wilderness 2


  • Viper's can be swapped for Heart of Shadow for extra safety
  • Winnowing is good for mountains pop, but it's only used there. It can be swapped for:
    • Honor for a different damaging skill, much weaker in mountain pop but can be used throughout the run
    • Shadow of Haste for some pulls
    • "I Am Unstoppable!" to fight Cripple without rocks and some additional damage reduction
    • Dash for another way to fight cripple which also helps against the Tar effect in pools, but keep your energy in mind.


Ranger Terra Equipment

Optimal Armors

  • Full energy armor with blessed insignia for mountains
  • Full health armor with pyrebound insignia for pulls (run and pop)
  • Full health armor with blessed insignia for queen


  • Full energy staff (+5 we, +5 and 20% enchant)
  • Caster spear
  • Zealous spear (+5 energy, zelous, 20% enchant) for the queen.
  • Zelaous Scythe (+5 energy, zelaous, +20% enchant).
  • Fire shield (+10 vs fire, +45 w/ench)
  • Lightning shield (+10 vs lightning, +45 w/ench)


Lab Pull

At the beginning I don't pop pcons, in that way you'll have all your energy for mountains. I wait for the prot bond and DC to an aaxte. If you have SoH put it on the wall (in front of you) and aggro the patrol of graspings AND the aaxte (I aggro him even if he doesn't move). Break SoH, wait like 1 sec and go to the spot for spiking. When the spike is done, pop a cupcake and HoS the LT.

Mountains Run

Now I'm popping all pcons but rainbow (cause if the mainteam wipe it saves expansive pcons ^^). If your SoS isn't bad you can HoS with QZ (with viper defense you can jump w/o QZ). Now I'm using stab with alcohol and I make sure I've got my Lightning shield on me (especially if you're running with viper defense). HoS on the T4 and run to the mountains spawn. Use your DC only at the corridor on the right (the duo goes to the left in that point but everybody know that ^^). When I see the lab reaper I'm using my rainbow. At this moment, you should see a Darkness patroll, put stab again with SF and rush into it to go to mountains reaper.

Moutains Pop

There is no secret to pop mountains under 4:30. You need a good start, a good spawn and some skills. I'll just try to give you tips to do it consistently... At the beginning, try to ball 1 or 2 dryder on one behemot (keep the main ball alive is faster). Don't kill behemots who're behind the monument:


If all your behemots are at this spawn or behind the monument, just kill the 2 unglitched terrowebs. The glitched one will run into the behemot spot :


Make sure to take the quest before the reaper attack. If you didn't just tell your team and go to pools. Killing lasts behemots is way faster with the Vale team (in that case toolbox is really usefull but I only use it in speedruns or if I pop the reaper under 4min).

The Slayer

When your quest is taken, DC down on behemots and HoS on him to leave the mountains reaper faster : (on the screen you can see the DC target and the HoS spot)


Pay attention if you have Darkness, put alcohol and cast stab + SF, if you don't have it just aggro the slayer and cast Whirling with stab up. To kill it there is 3 way : Safeway, go to the safespot, equip your zealous spear and your fire shield to kill him (so DC and HoS are useless). (Times : 1:40)


Fastway, go to the bridge and try to not kill white dryders use a staff for it. But pay attention, if you're running to far the slayer will say goodbye and he will kill your reaper. (Time : 1:10 – 1:20)


Stoneway, pop a ghastly stone when you're around the safe spot, aggro dryders and keepers and go to the safe spot with fire shield and zealous spear (You can stoneway only if your suicid is slow or if you poped under 3:20). (Time : 1min).


Running to Pools

Now slayer is done, use some alcohol and DC to the behemots to go to plains. After you've DC to the behemots you can drop SF (but equip your Lightning shield) untill here


At this point I never DC to skeles because you loose too much time. I just pop the patroll by DC'ing to a rider and run. If you have put your SF at the right spot, it will be recast here


At this time, i'm running with my staff (if you get half time recharching skills on DC it will make you :) ) and i equip my fire armor. When you're into pools you can drop SF untill this point


Cast stab too and HoS on a darkness at this spot


Now just run to queen's spwan by using DC and HoS and recast SF here


At this point don't use DC untill you're around pools reaper. If there's no dryders to DC on just take the 3 dryders in front of the spawn and HoS to get in.

Balling Pools

Equip your fire shield +caster weapon, cast shroud, drop SF and ball ! Videos are better so here is 2 videos (SoH pull and w/o SoH).

W/O SoH:


When you're ball is down, check your timer and pop pcons again if you poped after 9:30 (if you don't have a timer just pop pcons lololol) equip your life armor with your staff and run to the queen (don't use DC on the queen, skeles will probably follow you) and attack the queen. Switch to your Zealous Spear + Fire shield when your life is under 50%. Then prepare the /age to see if you're faster than the other times :) .


  • If you failed your ball at pools, don't try to do it again. Just ball all dryders left with a zealous scythe and pop a legionnary if you can.
  • Using viper defense is harder than HoS. T2's who play with VD can't do queen if they have one skele (or you'll loose 20sec ^^). I'm playing with viper only for pushing time.
  • Use +10% moral boost, you will never need a pstone so use it at the beginning.