Shadow Beast

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Shadow Beast is an enemy in the ToC, Forge, ToS, Cave, Battlefield, and Lightning Forest areas of FoW. They can also be found in the Realm of Torment with a very slightly different build, but good luck making a speed clear there.


Consume Corpse Dark Pact Mark of Pain Spiteful Spirit Optional Optional Optional Optional


jumps to any available corpse to heal itself

Hard Mode Stats

Health: 846

Armor: 83

Level: 30

Range: melee

Drop: Obsidian Shard

Attack Damage Type: [Unknown]


pops up

breaks with a 50% speed boost


wield a staff or a wand and don't go below 80% health

Shadow Lords

Shadow Lord Vogris AKA "ToC Lord", and the Shadow Lord AKA "ToS Lord" are just Shadow Beasts with names.