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The most common roles for Monks are Seeder in DoA, UA in FoW, and monk in Urgoz/Deep. All those roles share similar builds and equipment. Note that while monks benefit greatly from a bigger energy pool, health is also a good option, as it will make enemies target the monk less, allowing him/her to res the party with UA.


  • +1+3 Divine Favor headpiece
  • Superior Vigor
  • Full Energy or Health or a combination of the two. Energy allows you to use more skills, health makes you targeted less. If you choose to go full energy you may want to also have a high hp armor.
  • Depending on the build, you may want a Minor or Major Rune of Protection Prayers, in order to meet a break point on skills like Shield of Absorption or Aura of Stability.

High Health Set

You should also have a defensive set for running, surviving, and tanking 360 in DoA.

  • 5x Survivor Insignia
  • Rune of Superior Vigor
  • 4x Rune of Vitae


  • A weapon of enchanting of your choice (one-handed + shield, one-handed+focus, staff).
  • 40/40 Divine Favor set for reducing UA recharge time when you need to res a lot.
  • Defensive set: one handed martial weapon and shield of your choice


Always carry cupcakes, apples are recommended, other pcons are nice to have but not required.

If you have Blessed Aura and an enchanting weapon, the seed duration will depend on the level of Divine Favor when Blessed Aura was cast. Between 9 and 18, Seed will last 8 seconds, but at Divine Favor 19 (when blessed aura increases by 42%) Seed will last 9 seconds. Because of that, you should use a Candy Corn and Golden Egg when you are casting Blessed Aura, but you don't need to refresh them as long as your Blessed Aura does not drop.


  • Sunspear is required for max duration of Seed
  • Asuran for Pain Inverter in some DoA tactics
  • Ebon Vanguard for Ebon Escape and for Honor in some Deep tactics.
  • Norn for YMLaD in Deep and Urgoz
  • Deldrimor for Great Dwarf Weapon in FoW and Deep