Margonite Anur Ki

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Margonite Anur Ki, usually known as just Ki, is an enemy in the Foundry and City sections of DoA.


Enraged Healer's Boon Dwayna's Kiss Healing Seed Healing Touch Healing Whisper Words of Comfort Optional


heals its allies

attacks with a wand for major DPS

Hard Mode Stats

Health: 1230

Armor: 83

Level: 30

Range: caster

Drop: Margonite Gemstone

Attack Damage Type: Fire


If you attack something in range of the ki, it will cast Healing Seed, resulting in a lot of AoE healing. Using skills will not cause the ki to do this - only attacks - even though all sources of damage can trigger Healing Seed. Since Healing Seed can only target another ally, feel free to attack the ki, so long as there is no other ki in range.

A ki will often run towards one of its allies to cast Healing Whisper or Healing Touch, as they cannot be cast at full range. It is even possible for the kis in The Fury's group to heal the snakes.

If it or any of its allies is damaged, a ki will spam spells to heal, so Backfire will make short work of a lone ki.

breaks with a 33% speed boost