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Main tank, abbreviated as MT, is a role in all common DoASC tactics. It is typically done by an assassin, although any profession can do the job effectively as /A.


The MT is responsible for most of the large balls in DoA, and nearly all of these are done with bonds from the Emo. Although tanking in general requires more DoASC experience than other roles, the fact that the MT always has the backline nearby to provide support makes this role much more accessible for learning tanks than TT.


Assassin/Warrior Main Tank
I Am Unstoppable Shadow Form Optional Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Optional Shroud of Distress Recall
Shadow:12+1+3, Tactics:9, Dagger:9, CS:3

The core skills required to do the role are displayed above, you can pick any two optionals from the list below:

  • Dark Escape - Extremely popular choice, it makes Ranger Lord easier and can be used both for a speedboost and damage reduction if needed.
  • Shadow of Haste - Allows for some faster pulls (City, 360), move faster between pulls (Deathbringers to Darknesses) and helps recovering a bad situation. Note that you need a cancel stance, usually Dark Escape, if you decide to bring Shadow of Haste.
  • "You Move Like a Dwarf!" - makes Ranger Lord a lot easier and can be used for general utility
  • Mantra of Resolve - Prevents rupts during Ranger Hill, Clover Pull. Generally used by beginners, as most interrupts in DoA can be avoided.
  • Dash - Short burst of movement speed that can make you overall faster throughout the run.


The only attribute you really need is Shadow Arts, and you want 12+1+3 on it. Invest enough points to meet the requirement of your shield, usually Tactics, and finally put the rest into Dagger Mastery and Critical Strikes for some autoattack damage.


Assassin Equipment

Important Main Tanks also need a Jadoth Set, which is a set with all Blessed, +1+3 shadow arts, and superior runes (-75hp) on all pieces.

  • Sword or Axe of Enchanting and +10 vs demons shield
  • Staff of Enchanting
  • Flatbow of Enchanting
  • (Optional) Vampiric Daggers of Enchanting


As Main Tank, you are not required to use any pcons, but they can be helpful

  • Apples help in Veil with the extra health
  • Corn and Egg make your Shadow Form last longer, allowing you to cast it less often
  • Do not use Cupcakes as they will make enemies break



  • 1st Room: Wait for enemies to ball, then DC to a close target. Make sure you cast from outside aggro range. For the second spawn, just stand next to it and try to stop them from moving.
  • 2nd Room: On the first spawn, jump in and dagger the Ki; during the second spawn just get ready for 3rd room: don't go melee and push Dream Riders out.
  • 3rd Room: Have Recall on Emo, try to use SF before the door opens, then run in (with Dark Escape if you have it) and aggro all Titans. Use a staff to make them settle faster, then pull them inside EoE.
  • 4th Room: If pushing into the far corner, get ready to wall wave 2 and 3 if needed; otherwise just AFK for the whole room.
  • 5th Room: Have Recall on the Emo. Your job in 5th room is to pull all aggro away from the team to allow them to walk around, grabbing snakes. While the team is spiking Black Beast, clear the Fury spawn, then during the Fury spike, clear the chest.


In City, try to use IaU under QZ. When possible, use SF and Shroud while waiting for enemies to catch up. Don't catch bad aggro. In City, surviving is not the problem: the goal is to avoid bad aggro and make spikable balls as fast as possible.

Outside, you will typically do the 2nd ball. Make sure to have Recall on the Emo, and after the spike, refresh your SF, use Dark Escape and Recall out, then run to the right side. If possible, Recall your monk before aggroing again; then ball right side.

After the spike, Recall out and get ready for Jadoth. You want about 300 health, so swap in pieces of your Jadoth armor until you hit your target hp. The amount of pieces to swap depends on your morale, pcons, and shield. Try to use Shroud on recharge in the few minutes before Jadoth to stack damage reduction. When quest is taken, use SF and jump in - pull to the left side. Keep in mind you are in Veil, so try to dodge as little as possible. Also remember that Jadoth can interrupt your Shadow Form, so try to cast away from him or while he's using Anthem of Guidance.


Main Tank usually pulls right side of 360 as shown in the video below:

Check the video above for the Ranger lord pull. In short, you need to have Recall on the Emo, use Dark Escape and Shadow Form at the same time, then run in. Use IaU before you get hit and hos to avoid getting stuck. In this first half of the pull try to move not in straight lines or you'll get stuck more easily. DC to one of the casters, fiends or ranger lord itself, but don't wait too much before casting DC or fiends will have time to use choking gas and interrupt you. Your Dark Escape should run out just after you DC, and then just run straight to the back of the hill. Recall out once you reach the wall or if you're about to die.

After ranger lord, use Recall on Emo again and take quest, then go turtle with the team. Stay slightly in front of the team, and as soon as mobs settle, HoS past and start the clover pull.

Once clover is done, you split off the team to pull Necro lord out. Just bow it and run back; if you have casters' aggro try to break them with a speedboost, otherwise DC to one of the claws that spawn by Mesmer lord. Tank the Necro lord and then head to 6-0.

At 6-0 check that you have prot bond from the Emo, then go to the NPC. Make sure mesmers are ready, then take quest and walk to the TK. Don't use IaU or Dark Escape while tanking slashes, but do use Shadow Form. When the tendrils die, target a claw ahead, make sure to aggro the back group, then DC to the claw. Save your HoS to get past the other spawn, and pull to the Emo. Unlike other veil pulls, don't run through the Emo, but rather just stand with him and wall.


You will likely have to tank one or two groups in the trench on the way to Gloom. Pull them together, and tank with Dark Escape and IaU.

Your next job is to HoS up the cliff to let the Emo EE up and go to Rift, but what you do next depends on tactics: in FBGM Tactics you will pull Spirits towards Veil (as shown in the video); otherwise you will pull the group to the left hill.

Depending on tactics and your time, you may want to tank the 2nd Earth spawn at cave, but your next real job is pulling Rift.

Next, head to Deathbringers, let them settle, and DC to them. Similar to Foundry 1st group, it is very important to DC from outside aggro range.

Last, pull Darknesses towards the team, as close to the wall as possible, such that you can easily wall Earths on the 3rd spawn.