Embark Beach Crew [eee]

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Cape of [eee] guild

Origin and destination

Embark Beach Crew is a multicountry speedclear guild, based on experienced players with many achievements and founded by leaders of [DS], [SenT] and [roll] in february of 2017. Our objective is to take pleasure from our runs and get satisfying times.




★★★ Führer

☆☆ Zan Van Kenedo

★★ Officers

☆ Insane Got Aim

☆ Julie Von Pepsi

☆ Marcin Fow Addict

☆ Obsidian Skunk

☆ Jang Chu Ling

☆ Nika Sharpshooter

☆ Aw Banging

☆ Olfo Pve Mode

☆ Dervish Pekka Wtf