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Hello dear Friend,

Mage is [SenT] was founded in January 2012.

Designed to be a Fissure of Woe Speedclear guild, it became popular by reinventing the very core aspects of Fowsc making the "Vos"-Dervish not only popular but changed it's build to be a tank. (adding Mirage + Mystic regen).

The guild is currently being rebuilt by that Hombre guy that always comes up with new stuff to pimp our FoW runs. Although the main focus of the guild still is FoWsc we also do a lot of dungeons (mostly Slavers, Bogroot, anything implying some form of VoS spike).

We recruit any player that is willing to git gud, no matter the level because we aim at keeping the game alive and the sc community active. We own a discord channel on which we propose teachruns anytime you want them.

Notable members:

Hombre Derviche (leader)

Switcheuse Hunter

Stan Come Back Prot

Jeza Luvz


Cell Is Not Kul

You can pm any of those dudes for an invite btw, join us and lets kick ass