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49px-Guild-Logo.png No Mercy For The Noobs [rip]

Mostly a wide variety of PvE; Speed Clears And Titles!

Speed Clears We Do:)

Areas =)
Oolas Lab
CoF Runs
VSF and SlaverSC

40px-Guild-Logo.png Who can Join?

We willingly accept any player that is willing to follow our rules and attempt to at least run or start speed clears within the guild.

40px-Guild-Logo.png Guild Rules

  • 1: No starting arguments and fights between fellow rip & Alliance Members
  • 2: No Spamming in Guild Chat / Alliance Chat / Local Chat (when in guild halls)
  • 3: No excessive use of CAPITAL letters in message on the above mentioned chat rooms
  • 4: Respect the Corps of Officers, Members, and Allies
  • 5: Do not scam other players in the game
  • 6: Always act in the benefit of the guild and its members. (Do your part)
  • 7: Officers are strictly forbidden to promote someone without approval of Leader/Co-Leader
  • 8: Never make a deal on a player's rank
  • 9: Always put in your daily requirement
  • 10: Never leave in the middle of a SC w/ guild/ally members
  • 11: Be Active
  • 12: Have Fun!

40px-Guild-Logo.png Guild Members

Guild Leader(s):

  • Suns Sin
  • Hunde Keks Hayde(Co-Lead)

Guild Officers:

  • Danil Der Assa
  • Ill Payaso Ill
  • Potato The Murderer
  • Charrs Equal Squars
  • Losariel Molenia
  • Twerk Fest
  • S P Y Ro
  • Arkus Assassin
  • Soft Snake
  • Lossariel Molenia
  • Mad Iz Mad

Guild Members:

  • 82 Guild Members