Gods Of Voodoo [Loa]

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Loa is a prominent DoA teaching guild, known for welcoming many newcomers to DoASC. We are a part of the Golt alliance.

One of Loa's biggest contributions to the speed clears community was writing the first fully detailed DoASC Guide, which later inspired and was adapted into this wiki. [1]

Loa uses FBGM Tactics for most runs, but for runs where multiple beginners are being taught, 3-3 tactics can be used.


Some of Loa's achievements are:


  • Oo Ether (leader) [2]
  • Ashei Cruz [3]
  • Tilted Spiker
  • Ryn Is Azn
  • Dom So Lo
  • Rurik Elvenspeed


Contact any of the officers about joining. Note that this may change in the future.


You are welcome to join our discord server. It has some limited functions for guests, such as detailed information about DoA equipment.

Required Equipment

All mesmers are required to have standard spiking armor (and a TK illusion piece) and a set of high health armor. You should have a 40/40 Domination set, a high energy set, a long/flatbow, and a demon shield. Make sure you have Res Scrolls and Summoning Stones, and enough cupcakes, corn, eggs, pie, war supplies, apples, and personal DP removal to last the whole run. Rank 5+ in all relevant Eye of the North titles is also required. For more information, see the guild discord.