Illumination Theory [IT]

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About us

IT is a small DoA guild geared towards fast casual runs. We form runs every weekday evening (European time) and are always striving to improve our performance. We use FBGM tactics and our own 5 mesmer tactics, as well as different types of low man tactics.


Though we can't accept everyone, we are happy to invite players who are interested in playing DoA on a high level. Previous experience in DoA is not required, but we do expect you to be well acquainted with the game in general. TeamSpeak 3 is required.


  • Nenya Cruz
  • Livia La Jolie
  • Energy Of The Owls
  • Xray The Mesmer


You are welcome to join our discord server. It has some limited functions for guests, such as detailed information about DoA equipment.

For a more general discord, check out the Speedclear Alliance server. It is open to everyone.