Band Of Mental Brothers [BoMB]

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[BoMB] is a speedclear guild which was originally created in the year 2008. It has been reformed in the year 2015 to the guild it still is to this day. We are a part of the Zraw alliance.


We are doing mostly dungeonsc we use other guildruns for fow, uw and doa


We're not recruiting.


TeamSpeak3 is recommended for most runs.


  • Dj The Viper
  • Hopley is legend
  • Avenged Warrior
  • Misss Shredder
  • Ivory rinali
  • Stella Nightray
  • Bella Shirakawa
  • Acalja Dzawi
  • Miu Vs Dhuum
  • Celina In Tears
  • Chitoge Ashdoll
  • Shadow Behind You
  • Mysti Q
  • I Miss Blondi I
  • Mortified Mongoose
  • Max Iz Da
  • Maddy Lama
  • Team S E S H
  • Artemis Ferchu
  • Assassin Uwsc
  • Absolute Princess
  • Lara Wallshift
  • Lana The Assassin
  • Miyu Tori
  • Zero Six Four