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Goltway gloom trench is a tactic regarding the trench in Veil, that connects to Gloom. This tactic is unnecessary if the gloom trench has already been popped.


TK puts Recall on anyone but the tank and sits up on the hill towards city, in aggro range of the pops.

Team runs in as a group towards gloom, avoiding aggro of the back pop group and the 2 tormentors on the left hill.

MT runs ahead, grabs front pop group and runs ahead towards the gloom patrol, and balls them.

TK Recalls out once team is able to run out of the way from the path of trench pop.

Team spikes patrol group and trench pop.


Fastest way to kill the groups in the way to gloom.


If the TK does not know when to cancel Recall and runs too far up the cliff, he will be stranded where UA can't res him, requiring the tank to waste a lot of time on a rescue mission.

If the TK fails to aggro the pops, they will run into the team, leaving them with one less spiker and unprepared to deal with aggro from both sides.

The trench group that runs from the Dreadspawn Maw to the back of the trench is left unkilled, requiring a tank or extra skill to pass them if needed, e.g. to collect drops after the run.