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Ravenheart Gloom, commonly known as "gloom", or abbreviated to just "g", is one of the four sections of DoA. Most of the enemies here drop Torment Gemstones. The environment effect is Shroud of Darkness.


Gloom Entrance

Once the team enters Gloom,

the Main Tank will HoS up the cliff, The EMO, IAU (6.0), TK and Seeder will EE up to Main Tank and run to the ravine

The Main Tank will recall the VoR Mesmer or MLK (if EE is not on MLK Bar) and glitch the 1st patrol for Trench Tank to run past and grab next quest


The Objective of this mission is to protect 1 of 5 NPCS from being killed

The (TT) Trench Tank will be balling a group of 37 enemies (not including Earth Tormentors)

The EMO will tank the first set of Earth Tormentors and Mesmers will spike as needed, the Main Tank will either recall the EMO for grabbing the second set of Earth Tormentors and Mesmers will spike the ball and the Main Tank will recall out, just a reminder do NOT catch 4 pop (which is a group of 4 enemies because it is not needed,

The VoR Caller or Seeder (French Tactics) will set EoE in range of the ball to spike when the ball is ready by the Trench Tank


Main Tank, EMO and either IAU (6.0), or French Tactics or Monk Seeder (Echo) Seed come to Rift and prepare to cap

Main Tank SHOULD ping Shadow Form for Quest and MUST have Recall on the EMO Main Tank should have all 3 bonds while IAU or Seeder (depending on tactics) has Prot Bond and Balth Spirit

MT will grab groups of 3 and go behind the eyeball thingy until Rift is capped

  • NOTES* Main Tank must NOT use a Spear for this part of the run it MUST be a Sword or Axe Of Enchanting because certain enemies will not attack

Deathbringer Hill

After the Main Tank, EMO and IAU or Seeder (Echo) caps rift it is time to do the quest deathbringer company,

the mobs will spawn on the npcs to kill them, the VoR Mesmer will set EoE in a proper location just in range of Darkness Spike and Deathbringer and spike Deathbringer group

now for Darkness Spike there are 3 sets of waves for this

1st wave = The Greater Darkness + 2 Darknesses

2nd Wave = The Greather Darkness + 4 Darknesses

3rd Wave = 25-30 Earth Tormentors depending if u have all Darkness spawns from the 2nd wave killed at the same time

to achieve 25 Earths use these skills in order on the 2nd wave: All Mesmers cast Arcane Echo (For E-Surge), E-Surge again, Wandering Eye (Wandering Eye is ONLY on TK Bar) and Cry Of Pain if Cry Of Pain is on the caller bar, DO NOT USE Unnatural Signet during the 2nd wave as it is NOT even damage, *NOTE* in case people are unaware Wandering Eye and Mistrust deal AoE damage even though it is also an interrupt