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FBGMway UW tactics were created by the guild FBGM as a fun and consistent way to complete UW without needing experienced players. With a solid team, sub cons runs are possible. Some players dislike these tactics because they require tele hacking to reapers that have not yet been spawned.


Ranger/Assassin wastes terra
Shadow Form Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Finish Him Whirling Defense Shroud of Distress Dwarven Stability Edge of Extinction
Shadow:12, Expertise:12+1+3, BM:3
Ranger/Assassin pits terra
Shadow Form Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Whirling Defense Shroud of Distress Dwarven Stability Shadow of Haste
Shadow:12, Expertise:12+1+3, Dagger:2, Marks:2
Ritualist/Ranger SoS
Pain Inverter Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Splinter Weapon Ebon Escape Winnowing Signet of Spirits Serpent's Quickness Quickening Zephyr
Channeling:12+1+3, Wilderness:11, Spawning:6+3
Dervish/Ranger VoS
Lyssa's Haste Eremite's Attack Ebon Escape Veil of Thorns Sand Shards Vow of Strength Mystic Vigor Edge of Extinction
EP:12+1+3, Mysti:8+1, SM:5+1, BM:9, WP:2
Ritualist/Mesmer DwG x2
Spirit Rift Ancestors' Rage Ebon Escape Destructive Was Glaive Technobabble Pain Inverter Arcane Echo Channeling
Channeling:12+1+3, Inspiration:12
Mesmer/Assassin LT
Shadow Form Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Empathy Wastrel's Demise Shroud of Distress Mantra of Resolve Illusion of Pain
Shadow:12, Insp:3, FC:6, Illusion:7, Dom:9
Elementalist/Monk emo
Burning Speed Life Attunement Spirit Bond Infuse Health Life Bond Balthazar's Spirit Protective Bond Ether Renewal
Energy Storage:12+1+3, Protection:12, Healing:3


  • pits terra pulls right side of first pull, then terras split off to pop and clear their areas
  • emo and LT leave for UWG as soon as escort is safe
  • after UWG, tele to pits and do quest, while pits terra pops planes
  • tele planes and do 4H - LT can tank patrol if it is not glitched
  • tele pools and pop - pits terra waits at queen for quest
  • tele mountains and pop - pull Slayer to team
  • tele wastes and do quest