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Elementalists are most common as Emo in both DoA and The Underworld. The other popular role is ele/mesmer T4 (UW).

Armor Sets

Standard Emo Armor

As Emo you will usually use a +1+3 Energy Storage headpiece, a superior vigor (+50hp) and energy in all other pieces: radiant x5 and attunement x3.

Blessed Emo Armor

Although never strictly required, a Blessed set can be very useful in the Stygian Veil in DoA. Not only it reduces damage taken, which is usually insignificant, but most importantly the reduced damage will trigger prot bond less often. The set consists in +1+3 Energy Storage headpiece and superior vigor as above, but with Blessed insignas instead of Radiant, and optionally even Vitae Runes instead of the Attunement ones, as more health will further reduce the chance of prot triggering.

Low Armor

For UW and 360 in DoA, you want a low armor rating (starter armor if you still have it, or 15AL if you don't) so that enemies target you for clean pull-throughs and a strong Dhuum glitch. The runes and insignias are the same as standard.

UW T4 Armor

Since you'll be converting all the damage taken to Earth with Stone Striker, you want 5x Geomancer Insignas. +1+3 Earth headpiece, a Superior vigor rune and 3x Vitae.

Dhuum T4 Armor

As T4 you'll die at Dhuum and you want a specific armor to help you die faster and take less damage from Judgment. Use x5 Pyromancer Insignas and any 5x Superior Runes (-75hp).

Weapon Sets

Emo (UW and DoA)

Note that many sets are up to preference, for example you may prefer martial weapon + focus, high energy staff or 40/20/20 prot staff. You may use your high energy staff as your high energy weapon or you can have a dedicated wand/focus.

  • Insightful Staff of Enchanting with "Have Faith" as your main Emo Set or high energy set. Protection Prayers requirement with Holy damage is a nice bonus for attacking Skeletons in UW.
  • Martial Weapon of Enchanting with "I Have the Power" and Protection or Energy storage off-hand as your main Emo Set.
  • 40/20/20 prot: Adept Protection Staff of Enchanting with "Aptitude not Attitude" as your main Emo set or just to cast bonds with 40% HCT. Holy damage is a nice bonus for attacking Skeletons in UW.
  • (Optional) High Energy set with +15/-1 on both focus and off-hand. Useful when your energy hits 0 to cast immediately ER or under ER without having to wait, but remember to switch back as soon as possible. Do not swap to this set while you are maintaining full bonds.
  • (DoA only) Martial Weapon of Enchanting with "I Have the Power" and Aegis of Aaaaarrrrrrrgggghhh for tanking in the Stygian Veil


  • Martial weapon of enchanting with "Let the Memory Live Again" and 20/20 earth focus as your main set.
  • Martial weapon of enchanting with "Let the Memory Live Again" and shield of devotion with +10 vs earth as your defensive set.
  • Adept Earth Magic Staff of Enchanting with "Aptitude not Attitude" for running.
  • Martial weapon of enchanting with "I Have the Power" and Earth offhand of Aptitude with "Live for Today" if you're lacking energy. Remember to switch back after casting.
  • For Dhuum, you need a Zealous Spear of Warding with "Don't Think Twice" and any Focus Item of Swiftness with "Sleep Now In The Fire"(+9/10)


Elementalists should carry plenty of all Pcons, with the exception of Alcohol, which is never used. Powerstones are important for T4 (UW) if rupted during 4h and could be used as Emo in DoA if a very important ER is rupted or removed.

Summoning Stones

  • Important: you need to use a stone at Dhuum as Emo in UW. The best stone for this is Turtle (Jadeite) by far, but Devourer (Chitinous) also works.
  • Ghastly stones for damage
  • Throwaway stones for breaking aggro


Titles are generally not important on elementalists, with the exception of Ebon Vanguard for Ebon Escape as T4 (UW). As Emo, the healing from Ebon Escape is negligible due to the built-in sustain of the build.